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8 DJ Apps That Work With Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music is among the most famous music streaming services on the planet. It has over 78 million subscribers. The users can find any music on demand or listen to existing playlists. Using DJ apps with Apple Music can help you improve your technique and skills as a professional DJ. However, before doing that, you should know what DJ apps work with Apple Music.

Quick Answer

There are only a few DJ apps that are compatible with Apple Music. These apps include MegaSeg, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, Serato DJ, Traktor DJ, djay Pro, and Pacemaker. These apps can blend DJ with the quality of Apple Music to develop high-quality music pieces. You can find the best new music and create exciting mixes for a wholesome experience.

Apple Music follows a very strict DRM, Digital Rights management protocol. It stops most DJ apps from working with Apple Music. Although, Apple is working on finding a solution for this. But as of today, few selective apps can work with Apple Music. This article will try to discover DJ apps that can work with Apple Music. 

Apple Music-Compatible DJ Apps

The DJ apps that are compatible with Apple Music are as follows.


MegaSeg by Fidelity Media is the premium DJ app for collaboration with Apple Music. The app can sync with the iTunes app, allowing you to add DJ features to your songs. The key DJ features include incorporating looks, keylocks, and pitch bends.

However, it cannot directly stream music pieces from Apple Music. It works by importing the songs from the source. You must first download multiple tracks on a laptop and computer to get results. After that, you can start DJing them.

There are some restrictions as well. MegaSeg cannot play two Apple Music tracks simultaneously before transitioning between them. Only one deck is eligible to manage one track from Apple Music.


When it comes to searching for new music and creating exciting mixes, Rekordbox has no match. It has a vast music library, which gives users access to all the top streaming services. Users can cherish Apple Music, Tidal, Beatsource Link, Beatport, and SoundCloud.

To enjoy Apple Music, click on “Collection”, present on the left side of the Rekord Box home screen. After selection, it will show you its library of iTunes. And you can start Djing this library. 

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is among the most popular DJ software on the planet. It has over 100 million downloads. You can do real-time mixing of vocals, instruments, kicks, etc., with ease.

To get Apple Music on Virtual DJ, go to the iTunes app. After that, export the songs using “File” > “Library” > “Export Playlist”. It will generate an XML file

To open this XML file with Virtual DJ, go to Settings. In settings, find “iTunes Database” and change it to the XML file you created on iTunes. You can access the whole iTunes library now.  

Serato DJ

Serato DJ is a DJ’s heaven. It allows you to organize music pieces, enhance FX elements, present tracks with view waveforms, and many other features. 

When it comes to Apple Music, it can only work with purchased songs. For that, visit the App Settings and navigate to the library from there. In the library, click the “Show iTunes Library” option. You can access and edit the music here. 

Traktor DJ

Traktor DJ app has been intrdouced by Native Instruments. This DJ mixer fits like glue with Apple Music. Once you get paid music from Apple Music, you can fully utilize Traktor DJ.

For that, change the path of the Apple Music download location to the Traktor DJ folder. The downloaded music will automatically show on the app, which you can tweak as per your choice. It offers automatic beat detection, looping, waveform displays, key detections, channel mixings, and 4 virtual decks to give you ultimate control.

djay Pro

djay Pro is an award-winning music software. It has won multiple Apple Design accolades for its excellence in design and ease of usage. The recent update has taken it to new heights. It offers a classy turn table and mixer set-up and an immersive automix view. 

It can directly incorporate Apple Music to add DJ features. However, for that, you need paid collections from Apple Music. You can make a playlist of this collection and add the list of djay Pro. You can have the experience of a lifetime with this app.


It is another top-class DJ app with millions of popular tracks. It has an in-built AIDJ (auto-mix) which can create a perfect mix of all your selected songs. The mix can be shared with family and friends.

Pacemaker can be synced with your Apple Music playlist. Afterward, you can use AIDJ for auto-mixing or enter the studio option for customized playlist editing.

The Bottom Line

Apple Music has changed the music streaming landscape on its head. The service prides itself on supreme sound quality and collection. The proper mixing and editing of Apple Music is a recipe for a DJ’s success. 

Some apps can do that. These apps include MegaSeg, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, Serato DJ, Traktor DJ, djay Pro, and Pacemaker. They enable you to make new and exciting combinations of vocals, instruments, FX elements, and Pitches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I mix songs on Apple Music?

To mix two songs from Apple Music, follow these steps.

1. Open iTunes.
2. Click on “File” to get a new playlist.
3. Select your songs and drag them to a new playlist.
4. Click on the “Playback” tab and check the “Crossfade Songs” box.
5. Select “OK” to save. The mixed song will be ready to play.

What does Apple Music have that Spotify doesn’t?

Apple Music eclipses Spotify in audio streaming quality. In the latest update, Apple Music has offered a lossless audio quality of up to 24-bit/192 kHz. Apple Music has a feature of spacial audio with Dolby Atmos.

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