Are Airpods Pro Waterproof? (Surprising Answer)

Are Airpods Pro Waterproof
Quick Answer

Airpods Pro are not waterproof, but they are water resistantThis means that if they get a little mist or sweat on them, it won’t be the end of the world. However, since they are not waterproof you should avoid submerging them in water.

In the rest of the article, you will learn more about AirPods Pro and how to keep them safe, as well as what to do if they get wet.

How Do You Avoid Damaging Your AirPods Pro With Water?

To avoid damaging your AirPods Pro, make sure you aren’t taking them in any places where they will get too wet. You should not wear your AirPods Pro swimming, in the shower, in saunas, in heavy rain, or in any other situations where they may get super wet. Since they aren’t waterproof, wearing them during these times will most likely result in some sort of damage.

Since AirPods Pro are water resistant, it is generally okay to wear them if you are exercising and sweating or if you are in light or misty rain. Just make sure to use your best judgment, and if it seems like your AirPods will get too wet, put them away in a dry area and save them for another time.

What Happens To Your AirPods Pro When They Get Wet?

If your AirPods Pro get just a little wet, such as splashed and then quickly wiped off, they shouldn’t get damaged. This is because of their water resistance. However, if they get submerged in water or get wet and aren’t dried off, your AirPods Pro can get damaged in a number of ways.

If they get wet, the sound coming through your AirPods Pro may be muffled, distorted, or all the way gone. Your AirPods Pro could just stop working altogether and refuse to connect to your phone as well. It really just depends on how wet they get, where the water gets into them, and if they are properly dried off.

What Should You Do if Your AirPods Pro Get Wet?

If your AirPods Pro get wet, dry them off as fast as possible. Using a soft lint free cloth is your best option, but you could also use cotton. After drying them as well as you can, leave them out of their case and allow them to dry completely on their own. This could take a couple of hours to a couple of days. 

A common mistake people make if their AirPods Pro get wet is trying to dry them off with something hot such as a heater or blow dryer. Though this may seem like a good trick, it is actually a lot more likely to do harm than good. Putting your AirPods under that kind of heat could cause them to get too hot and damage them even more.

Do Airpods Pro Stay Water Resistant Forever?

According to Apple, the water and sweat resistance of AirPods Pro may diminish over time. There is also no way to check if your AirPods Pro are still water resistant or to reseal them. This means that you should exercise extra caution when using your AirPods Pro in situations where the water resistance would need to be used.

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