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How To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Through Walls

689 How To Boost Wifi Signal Through Walls

Most people use WiFi nowadays. It’s an integral part of everyday life. That being the case, having the best WiFi you can inside of your home is pretty important. Unfortunately, there’s one barrier to success that is seemingly impossible to avoid: walls.

Everyone knows that your WiFi signal gets weaker the further away the router is from the device using it, but the number of obstacles between the router and other devices can often be a problem as well. While you can move just about everything else, there’s no way to move your home’s walls, so what exactly can you do to boost your WiFi signal through walls?

There are many methods that can potentially do this for you, which we will cover in greater detail down below.

Update Your Router

This might seem like a no-brainer, but before you bother doing anything more complicated to boost your WiFi signal, you should make sure that your router firmware is up to date. That’s because companies improve the abilities and performance of their routers quite frequently, and it is possible that a router update will improve its performance.

Generally speaking, this is not the thing that is going to make the biggest difference in your WiFi strength, but nevertheless, it is the first thing you should do before bothering with any of these other options. Who knows, maybe you won’t have to do anything else!

Procure a More Powerful Router

All routers are not created equal. Some of them are older models, and some of them are just cheaper models. Naturally, there are newer, more expensive models that tend to have significantly better performance and can provide a much stronger WiFi signal. 

The best routers are the ones with WiFI 5 technology. These routers use beam-forming tech to maximize the strength of your WiFI signal, even through walls. Rather than jump through hoops trying to boost your WiFi signal through other means, you should consider getting a new router if your current one is an older model.

Place Your Router in a Central Location

Remember, the further away your router is from the devices using the WiFi, the weaker the signal is going to be, especially if it has to go through several surfaces. Before buying any extra accessories to boost your WiFi signal, you should make sure your router is in a good location that is not too far from the devices using the signal.

This could improve the strength of the signal, even through a wall.

Add an Antenna

Antennas play an important role in both extending and directing a signal. That being the case, you can add an antenna to your router in order to strengthen its WiFi signal. At the same time, you can ensure that the antenna is pointed at a part of the house where WiFi using devices are, further boosting signal strength.

Some routers actually come with their own antenna, which you can use to direct the WiFi signal towards certain parts of the house. This can help the signal get through walls as well.

Use a WiFi Booster

There are actually devices out there that exist to specifically boost your WiFi. Most of them use cables to extend the connection of your router by moving the signal to the next room instead of having it go through walls. Other boosters may use a wireless connection instead, but to achieve the same result.

However, if you have thick walls that are making it difficult for your WiFi signal to get through in the first place, it is better to use a WiFi booster that uses cables to get your signal from room to room. Wireless boosters will probably encounter the same problem as your router, all things considered.

Use Mesh WiFi

Mesh WiFi is probably the ultimate way to negate your signal issue with thick walls. With mesh WiFi, you have a primary router, but also a bunch of small satellites that you can set up around your house. The router and the satellites have a signal that ensures you have a strong connection throughout the whole house.

With a cloud connection of sorts available to you, your WiFi signal will go around walls, rather than through them. This is the best way to boost your WiFi signal strength through walls.

In Conclusion

All of the options that have been mentioned here can boost your WiFi signal through walls, though admittedly, some of them are more likely to do so than others. That said, the surefire ways of boosting your WiFi signal are likely to cost more money as well, so there is that to consider.

Still, we understand why no one would want to live without good WiFi in their home, so if you need to spend some money to achieve that, so be it.

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