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Can You Use a Monitor Without a PC

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Have you ever wondered if you can use your monitor without your personal computer? You probably tried it out and got stressed along the way and thought it was just impossible.

To answer the question as to whether your monitor can work without a PC, you need to understand how a monitor works.

Not to worry, we put this article up to tutor you on how to successfully and easily use your monitor without your PC.

Overview of the Monitor

The computer system comprises various units performing different tasks that define the experience of using the computer. The Visual Display Unit (VDU) is responsible for showing visual media after the processing unit has processed it.

The monitor is the most recognizable part of the VDU in today’s world. It’s easily understandable as part of the computer system. However, can it work independently? The short answer is yes, the monitor can work without a PC or CPU.

Using a Monitor Without a PC

There’s a need to display something for a monitor to work. Information has to be imputed so the monitor can display. Below are three methods that discuss how you can operate your monitor without a PC.

Method #1: Using Your Monitor to Function as a TV

Your monitor could come with two alternatives.

You have the single display choice, which is usually included with a computer connection, or you have the option of adding a TV card, which isn’t included with most monitors. If your monitor has display ports, such as HDMI, VGA, or DVI, you’ll need a TV card or device that supports those connectors.

The steps to follow this method are easy and are stated below.

  1. Connect the display cable via HDMI or VGA, as indicated in the image. We’ll use HDMI to connect our TV to our monitor in this situation.
  2. Connect the Monitor’s Adapter or Power Cable to the Device.
  3. Connect the TV device to the RF or antenna cable.
  4. Connect the AV three-wire wires if you’re using an AV cable.
  5. Switch on your monitor and television, and you’re ready to go.

Method #2: Connecting Your Monitor to a Game Console

High refresh and high-resolution gaming is a massive thing in today’s world. Console gaming big-tech has joined the race to produce premium gaming features at cheap rates. The issue is that many regular TVs don’t come with a high refresh screen.

This is not the case for up-to-date monitors. Most monitors released today can support games that can take advantage of the high refresh feature. The steps below guide you on how to run your monitor as a gaming display.

Step #1: Identify the Display Ports on Your Monitor and Console

Most displays come with an HDMI port that lets you connect to many devices with just one cord while still supporting high-resolution display output. Just connect the other end of the same cord to the console and start gaming. Connecting newer gaming consoles is easy compared to the connection of older consoles.

For connection to older consoles, continue reading the steps below.

Step #2: Connect the Video Wire from Your Console to the Converter Box

Most older consoles will require a converter box to connect to the display. In the converter box, match the colors of the plugs. Ensure all of the console’s connectors are in the same INPUT group on the converter box.

A pass-through connection to your computer is available on several converter boxes. This allows you to change the display on your monitor between your computer and your console. If your box supports it, check to be sure it’s connected to the display port on your computer.

Step #3: Connect Your Monitor to the Converter Box

Hook up the monitor to the converter box’s output or monitor connector via an HDMI, DVI, or VGA cable (depending on the box). If you’re using a VGA cable, make sure the display is switched off.

Step #4: Choose the Appropriate Input

To see your console’s display, choose the appropriate input. If you just have one input, as long as the monitor and console are both turned on, you should be able to view your console.

Method #3: Connecting Your Monitor to an Android Box

Like a television, a monitor may be attached to an Android box. The majority of people nowadays want to have and use applications on their displays. As a result, the android box can quickly connect and set up displays.

All of the functions of an Android box are available, including access to the internet, running apps, viewing movies, and even playing games.

A monitor may be used to operate an Android box simply, which involves the following steps:

  1. Use an HDMI or VGA cable to connect the display ports. The majority of today’s sophisticated and cutting-edge displays feature HDMI inputs.
  2. Connect your android device to the speaker cord. Most Android boxes offer built-in speakers if you don’t have speakers. Your monitor may include the option of speakers when connected through HDMI.
  3. Connect your devices’ power cords, the monitor, and the Android boxes.


From the article, you’ve learned that your monitor, which is a display device, can be easily connected to different devices. As long as the device needs to display some information or the other, the monitor can display it as long as it has a mode of connection to the device in question. However, if you’re planning on using a monitor on its own, this is not possible.

Many hardware companies are making computers form factors that look like a simple display, and they are fitted with a CPU. That’s why they work, and a great example of this is the iMac from Apple. I hope this article has widened your knowledge of how your monitor can work without your PC; I also hope you’ll share this knowledge with your colleagues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to utilize a monitor as a computer?

If your monitor doesn’t have a built-in PC system like all-in-one PCs, you can’t use it as a computer. On the other hand, your monitor can be used as a second screen for your computer or laptop.

Is a PC tower required for a monitor?

It’s not required nor essential to have a PC tower for your monitor. For your display, you might utilize a desktop computer or a PC. You may also use your laptop as a second screen by connecting your monitor.

How can I tell whether a monitor will work with my computer?

It’s simple; check the display output ports on the backside of your computer, where you’ll find either HDMI, VGA, or DVI output ports, and in some cases, two of them.

Is it possible to use a laptop to power a monitor?

You may not be able to turn on and power a display with a laptop if it uses more than 110V AC or DC. Furthermore, a monitor with a power system based on adopters powered by 9V DC or 12V DC cannot be turned on immediately. It would help if you had any adapter or existing booster to have it done for you.

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