Does Airplane Mode Save Battery? (Explained)

Airplane Mode On Iphone
Quick Answer

Airplane mode does save battery life on your phone or tablet. Even when you’re not using your phone, it is working in the background getting notifications, pinging towers, receiving messages, and updating. Those things drain the battery.

This post is about how airplane mode affects the battery in your phone and what you should know before using it. Read on for tips about how to use airplane mode wisely.

Should I Use Airplane Mode to Save Battery?

There are some times when you could use airplane mode to extend the life of your phone’s battery power for longer. For instance, if you’re out and about and you forgot your charger, and you know you have an important call coming in later in the day, you could put your phone in airplane mode for a while to save some juice for the call.

If there’s any possibility your call could come in earlier, though, you won’t want to do this. Keep reading to find out why.

Why Shouldn’t I Use Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode puts your phone into a connection sleep mode. Your device won’t connect to the internet, nor will it receive any texts or phone calls. Those functions will essentially be turned off or blocked.

If you could potentially miss something important, you wouldn’t want to put your phone in airplane mode

How Does Airplane Mode Save Battery?

Your phone is always working when it’s on and connected. It searches for cell towers to connect with and pings them whenever they’re in range. It also sends and receives messages to and from other devices. 

Depending on your settings, your phone can be working on several things at the same time. You could have apps refreshing, programs updating, tracking of health metrics, and more all happening without any direct involvement from you.

By putting your phone in airplane mode, you stop all of the activities we just mentioned. All of those activities use up battery power. Your battery will live longer without having to do so much.

What Can I Do on My Phone While It’s in Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode still allows you to use the camera on your phone and access your pictures. You can still use the calculator or turn on the flashlight. You can also use the clock functions, such as alarm, stopwatch, or timer.

If you have shows or movies downloaded to your phone, you can watch those. You can play games you have downloaded that aren’t web-based, as well.

Can I Connect to WiFi in Airplane Mode?

Yes, you can connect to WiFi or Bluetooth while your phone is in airplane mode. That means you can access the internet and stream movies and shows from popular apps. You can browse your social media accounts, shop online, send and receive emails, and make web-based calls to anyone. 

You’ll want to keep in mind that by connecting to WiFi, you will use more of the phone’s battery, but not as much as you would if the phone was not in airplane mode. If WiFi is available, putting your phone in airplane mode and connecting to the WiFi network helps save battery power.

How to Turn On Airplane Mode

It’s easy to put a phone in airplane mode. Here’s how you can do it for Android and iOS.

  • iOS – Go to Settings. Airplane mode is at the top of the list. Tap the toggle to turn it on.
  • Android – Go to settings. Select Network ; Internet. Tap airplane mode from the list to turn it on.

Final Thoughts

Airplane mode isn’t a setting that’s just for traveling on an airplane. You can use it whenever you’d like to save battery power. Just make sure it’s at a time when it’s ok to be a little less connected.

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