Does Apple Watch Work With Android?

Apple Watches

Apple Watches are some of the most popular smartwatches around. It is no surprise that so many Android owners want to get their hands on one.

But, does the Apple Watch work with Android? Let’s take a look. 

Does Apple Watch Work With Android?

Long story short, no. You cannot pair an Apple Watch with Android. It won’t work.

Yes. The Apple Watch will have Bluetooth connectivity. However, it cannot share information with an Android device at all. There is no app available for Android where you can read the information on your Apple Watch.

This isn’t the only problem either. To get through the initial set-up for an Apple Watch, you need to have an iOS device. If you do not have an iPhone or iPad, there is absolutely no way to even get the Apple Watch working.

We wouldn’t even recommend purchasing an Apple Watch if you have Android. While the Apple Watch will have basic functionality, you won’t really be able to do much other than telling the time. There will be no way to get music onto it, nor will there be a way to answer phone calls, send messages, etc. It is pretty much just an expensive watch, and there are far better options on the market if you want that.

What Happens if You Pair an Apple Watch With Android?


Yes. If you try to search for an Apple Watch through the Bluetooth feature of your Android, it will show up. You will even be able to tap it and attempt to connect.

If you do try to connect, then the pairing will fail. It won’t matter how many times you attempt to connect to the Android device; you won’t be able to do anything. 

It is unlikely that Apple will ever allow you to connect an Apple Watch to Android. It goes against their whole business model.

Can You Get Around Pairing an Apple Watch With Android?


While some people have devised solutions that, for instance, will have your Apple Watch working on an LTE connection, you are never going to be able to get that Apple Watch talking to your Android device. In fact, to use that solution, you will need to have access to an iPhone anyway, which sort of negates the whole point of trying to get an Apple Watch and Android hooked up.

If you are insistent on using an Apple Watch and are okay with basic functionality, then you can get somebody else to set the Apple Watch up for you. However, once again, it won’t be able to do much other than tell you the time.

If you want somebody else to set your Apple Watch up for you, they will need to have the Apple Watch app downloaded to their iPhone or iPad. They will then need to use the Family Set up feature.

Do bear in mind that getting somebody else to set your Apple Watch for you poses its own set of problems, namely that your Apple Watch is not going to update automatically. Although, we suppose that this won’t be too much of a problem since you aren’t using most of the features of the Apple Watch anyway.

What Are the Best Smart Watches for Android?

If you want a smartwatch for your Android device, then steer clear of anything designed for the iOS operating system. It will never work.

You should always try to get your hands on Android Gear products. Huawei smartwatches are the most universal smartwatches for Android. As long as you can download the Huawei Health app to your smartphone, you will be able to access the full functionality of your smartwatch.

If you have a  Samsung device, we recommend that you pick yourself up a Samsung smartwatch instead. These can be difficult to connect to non-Samsung devices, so always check the spec of any Samsung watch if you have a non-Samsung smartphone or tablet.

To be honest, most smartwatches on the market should work with Android devices. Only the Apple-made devices don’t, and that is more of a business decision from Apple than anything else. 


Contrary to what you may have been told, you cannot get an Apple Watch working with Android. It is unlikely that the two systems will ever be compatible. The only devices that work with the Apple Watch are iOS devices. You cannot even get through the initial set-up process without having access to an iOS system. While you could always ask somebody else to set the Apple Watch up for you, the Apple Watch will be lacking in most of the features, which makes it a rather pointless endeavor. 

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