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Does PS5 Have DisplayPort? (Explained)

Quick Answer

The PlayStation 5 does not have a port that supports DisplayPort. You will not be able to connect a DisplayPort cable to your PS5 directly, but you can still use the interface through an active adapter.

In the rest of the article, we’re going to look at what video port the PS5 has, why it doesn’t have DisplayPort, and how you can connect your PS5 via DisplayPort anyway.

What Graphics Port Does the PS5 Have?

The video interface available on the PlayStation 5 is HDMI 2.1. It has a single one of these ports. HDMI 2.1 is the most recent iteration of the standard, launched in 2017.

The PlayStation 5 benefits from using HDMI 2.1 to transfer its video signal because it can support a 120 Hz framerate and up to 10K resolution, far beyond what a PS5 typically renders. The high framerate makes it perfect for gaming, while the maximum supported resolution futureproofs it against upcoming advancements.

Why Doesn’t the PS5 Have DisplayPort?

In addition to the benefits of HDMI 2.1 mentioned above, all of which are an improvement over DisplayPort, the other reason that the PS5 doesn’t use this interface is because it’s not very popular among console gamers.

DisplayPort is mostly used to connect devices to computer monitors, and so it finds its greatest use among computer users. TVs, on the other hand, overwhelmingly support HDMI over DisplayPort. Because most console gamers connect their PS5 to a TV, it is more financially viable for Sony to not build an additional DisplayPort interface into every PS5.

How Can I Connect My PS5 Through DisplayPort?

If you have a monitor that doesn’t have an HDMI port but does have a DisplayPort, you can still connect it to your PS5 by using an adapter. You have to be careful here because not every adapter between these two interfaces will work in the direction you need it to for this scenario. A passive adapter can transfer from DisplayPort to HDMI, but not the other way.

In order to connect your PS5 to a DisplayPort monitor, you will need an active adapter. This allows the screen to maintain communication with the GPU in your PlayStation 5. For these active adapters to work, they need an external power source. The good news is that most of these come with USB cables attached that you can plug directly into a USB port on your PS5.

Using an active adapter to connect a DisplayPort monitor to your PS5 will transfer the signal, but you will not get the best experience. The newest features of DisplayPort won’t be available due to the source, and HDMI 2.1’s best features will be lost in transfer. Most notably, your maximum framerate will go down to only 60 Hz.


When looking at does PS5 have DisplayPort, even though the answer is no, we’ve learned how to work around this using an active adapter that connects the console’s HDMI interface to a monitor’s DisplayPort. We’ve also learned why Sony don’t use DisplayPort and why HDMI 2.1 is the superior interface.

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