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How To Enable Kdenlive’s Dark Theme on Ubuntu 20.04

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In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of enabling the dark theme in Kdenlive on Ubuntu 20.04. Kdenlive is a powerful open-source video editor, and using a dark theme can be easier on the eyes, especially when working for extended periods.

Quick Answer

To enable Kdenlive’s dark theme on Ubuntu 20.04, you can install the Breeze theme package and apply the "Breeze dark" theme in Kdenlive’s color theme settings.


Before we begin, ensure that you have the following:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 installed on your system.
  • Kdenlive installed on your Ubuntu system. If you haven’t installed it yet, you can do so by running sudo apt install kdenlive in the terminal.
  • Basic knowledge of terminal commands.

Installing the Breeze Theme Package

The first step to enabling the dark theme in Kdenlive is to install the Breeze theme package. The Breeze theme package includes the “Breeze dark” theme, which we will apply to Kdenlive.

Open the terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T or by searching for “Terminal” in the applications menu.

In the terminal, run the following command:

sudo apt install breeze

Here, sudo is used to run the command with superuser privileges, apt is the package handling utility in Ubuntu, and install is the command to install a package. breeze is the name of the package we want to install.

Once you run this command, Ubuntu will start downloading and installing the Breeze theme package. This process may take a few minutes, depending on your internet speed.

Applying the Dark Theme in Kdenlive

After the Breeze theme package is installed, you need to restart Kdenlive. You can do this by closing and reopening the application.

Once Kdenlive is restarted, navigate to the menu bar at the top, and click on Settings > Color theme. This will open a dropdown menu with various color themes that you can apply to Kdenlive.

In the list of color themes, you should see the “Breeze dark” theme. Click on it to enable the dark theme in Kdenlive.


If you don’t see the “Breeze dark” theme option in the color theme settings, ensure that you have installed the Breeze theme package correctly. You can also try logging out and logging back in to your Ubuntu session before reopening Kdenlive.


That’s it! You have successfully enabled the dark theme in Kdenlive on Ubuntu 20.04. This will not only give your video editing software a sleek look but also provide a more comfortable user experience, especially when working in low-light conditions.

For more tips and tricks on using Kdenlive, check out the official Kdenlive documentation.

Can I enable the dark theme in Kdenlive on other Linux distributions?

Yes, you can enable the dark theme in Kdenlive on other Linux distributions as well. The process may vary slightly depending on the package manager used by your distribution, but the general steps should be similar.

How can I revert to the default light theme in Kdenlive?

To revert to the default light theme in Kdenlive, navigate to the menu bar at the top, click on Settings, then Color theme. From the dropdown menu, select the default light theme or any other theme of your choice.

Can I customize the dark theme in Kdenlive?

Yes, you can customize the dark theme in Kdenlive. Kdenlive allows you to modify the color scheme by creating your own theme or modifying an existing one. To customize the dark theme, navigate to Settings, then Color theme, and click on Edit Themes. From there, you can make changes to the color scheme and save your customized theme.

Will enabling the dark theme in Kdenlive affect the colors of my video projects?

No, enabling the dark theme in Kdenlive will not affect the colors of your video projects. The dark theme only changes the appearance of the user interface in Kdenlive, making it easier on the eyes. The colors of your video projects will remain the same.

Can I install additional themes for Kdenlive?

Yes, you can install additional themes for Kdenlive. There are several community-created themes available for download. To install a new theme, download the theme file and navigate to Settings, then Color theme. Click on Import theme and select the downloaded theme file. The new theme will be added to the list of available color themes.

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