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How to Enable Flash on a Samsung Smart TV

Flash On Samsung Tv

There is a lot of Flash Player software out there, video, multimedia content, applications, games, and more. Most of that stuff can’t be accessed on a regular Smart TV, even some of Samsung’s more robust smart TV devices. However, where there is a will, there is a way. 

Quick Answer

You don’t enable Flash on a Samsung Smart TV because these smart TVs don’t come with Flash Software installed. However, you can install Flash on your Samsung smart TV anytime that you like, and it’s quite simple to do so. 

The best method is to simply do it with a USB drive. You’ve probably noticed that there are about 20 ports scattered all around the edges and behind your Samsung smart TV. Ok, maybe it’s not that many, but it’s guaranteed that one of those ports (at the very least) is a USB port. 

You’ll have to download the software to the USB drive and then transfer it to the Samsung smart TV, where it can then be installed on the TV. From that point on, you will be able to access Flash content on your TV.

Installing Flash with a USB Drive

You’ll have to start out with your PC or Mac and, whether or not you already have the software on your computer, download Flash to the device. Or, you can copy the files over from your existing software. 

  1. Ensure that your desktop has a strong internet connection.
  2. Open your preferred web browser.
  3. Go to
  4. Download the latest Flash ware to your USB drive.
  5. You may have to unzip the folder and copy the files to the USB drive.
  6. Disconnect your USB drive when finished.
  7. Connect the USB drive to your Samsung Smart TV.
  8. Use your Samsung smart TV remote to scroll to Settings.
  9. Select Software Upgrade.
  10. Select the Files and then OK to install the upgrade.

Once you have finished installing, you will now have Flash on your Samsung smart TV. If you’ve read this far, you may no doubt be wondering why we didn’t direct you through Adobe Flash, instead choosing Ruffle.

Adobe no longer supports Flash, due to what they claim to be a number of security issues that have plagued the platform over the years. Not only does Adobe Acrobat no longer support Flash, but they have also pulled it from all of their websites and third-party websites associated with it. 

That leaves little choice but to find alternative Flash software and Ruffle is a popular and trustworthy source. The download process is simple and it’s actually quite a bit less confusing than dealing with Adobe. 

It should work just fine on your Samsung smart TV as Flash is Flash, regardless of where it comes from. If you choose to go outside of Ruffle, do so at your own risk and do your due diligence before downloading just any Flash software that you come across. 

What is Flash Useful for with a Samsung TV?

Some people keep a lot of their stuff on USB drives, such as pictures, family videos, and other multimedia content that they enjoy watching from time to time. It never quite feels sufficient to watch all of these things on a small screen, such as a laptop or even a desktop. 

It only makes sense that you would want to throw it all up on a huge Samsung smart TV screen and watch your favorite moments on a much better platform. 

Being able to use Flash on a Samsung smart TV — although Flash is starting to get seriously outdated — just puts another tool in your tool chest when it comes to organizing, playing, and enjoying the content that you have. 

Future Flash Support for Samsung Smart TVs

Since Adobe has pulled all of its Flash support and downloadable software from its own store, as well as all of its associated stores, shouldn’t mean much in regards to Samsung Smart TVs supporting Flash on their various models. 

You shouldn’t have any issues downloading and transferring flash from a USB drive to a Samsung smart TV. As for what the future holds, who knows? It may not be that Samsung TVs will always support Flash since Adobe was the face of the software and has now bowed out. 

Adobe is on to bigger and better things now, especially when it comes to graphics design and digital art, however, there may be a next big thing on the horizon and you can break out your USB drive once again. In the meantime, enjoy it while it lasts.

Final Thoughts

Samsung Smart TVs can’t enable Flash because they don’t come with the software preinstalled, however, it’s not a difficult thing to get Flash from your desktop PC or Mac to your Samsung Smart TV. 

Since Adobe is out of the Flash software deal, you will have to use Ruffle or another trusted site to download your Flash software from now and into the foreseeable future. 

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