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How To Fix Virtualbox Guest Additions Problem in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

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VirtualBox Guest Additions are a set of device drivers and system applications that are designed to make the interaction between the host system and the guest system seamless. However, sometimes, you might encounter some issues while installing or using them. This article will guide you through the process of fixing common problems with VirtualBox Guest Additions in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

Quick Answer

To fix VirtualBox Guest Additions problems in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, you need to ensure that the necessary packages are installed, including build-essential, dkms, and linux-headers. Then, install DKMS and execute the installation script for Guest Additions. Restart the virtual machine to apply the changes. If issues persist, you can try removing and reinstalling Guest Additions, adjusting the screen resolution, or starting from a fresh Ubuntu install.


Before we start, make sure you have the necessary packages installed to build a kernel module. These packages are essential for the Guest Additions installation to proceed successfully. Open your terminal and enter the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install build-essential dkms linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Here, sudo apt update updates your package list, sudo apt install build-essential installs packages that are essential for compiling software, and dkms (Dynamic Kernel Module Support) is a program/framework that enables generating Linux kernel modules whose sources do not reside in the kernel source tree. linux-headers-$(uname -r) installs the headers files for the current running kernel.

Installing DKMS

If you haven’t already installed DKMS, you can do so by using the following command:

sudo apt install dkms

DKMS is a framework that allows kernel modules to be dynamically built for each kernel on your system in a simplified and standardized way.

Installing Guest Additions

Once the required packages are installed, you can proceed to install the Guest Additions. Insert the Guest Additions CD Image into the virtual machine. Open the mounted virtual CD drive and navigate to it in the terminal. You can then run the following command to execute the installation script:


This script will automatically install the necessary drivers and system applications.

Restarting the Virtual Machine

After the installation completes, it’s crucial to restart the Ubuntu virtual machine. This ensures that all the changes made during the installation take effect.


If you’re still facing issues after following these steps, there are a few additional troubleshooting options you can try:

Removing and Reinstalling Guest Additions

If the installation still fails, you can try removing the existing Guest Additions and reinstalling them. To remove Guest Additions, go to the mounted virtual CD drive and run the following command:

sudo ./ uninstall

This command will uninstall the existing Guest Additions. After this, you can repeat the installation steps mentioned above.

Adjusting Screen Resolution

If the screen resolution is not optimal after installing Guest Additions, you can try changing it manually. Go to the Settings panel inside Ubuntu and adjust the resolution to a suitable value. For example, if you have a full HD screen, you can try setting it to 1440×900.

Fresh Install of Ubuntu

If all else fails, you can consider starting from a fresh install of Ubuntu and then follow the steps mentioned above to install Guest Additions.

Remember, when seeking help, provide all the necessary information such as the Ubuntu version (in this case, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS), the host system (e.g., Windows 10 Pro 64-bit), and the VirtualBox version (e.g., 6.1).


This article has provided a detailed guide on how to fix common problems with VirtualBox Guest Additions in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. By following these steps, you should be able to overcome most issues related to Guest Additions. If you continue to face problems, don’t hesitate to seek help from the VirtualBox Forums or Ubuntu Forums, where you can find many experienced users who can assist you.

How do I know if VirtualBox Guest Additions are installed in my Ubuntu 22.04 LTS?

You can check if VirtualBox Guest Additions are installed by opening a terminal and running the command lsmod | grep vboxguest. If you see any output, it means that VirtualBox Guest Additions are installed.

Can I install VirtualBox Guest Additions on any version of Ubuntu?

Yes, you can install VirtualBox Guest Additions on any version of Ubuntu. However, it’s recommended to use the latest version of VirtualBox Guest Additions that is compatible with your Ubuntu version for optimal performance and compatibility.

How can I update VirtualBox Guest Additions in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS?

To update VirtualBox Guest Additions in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, you can follow the same installation steps mentioned in the article. Make sure to remove the existing Guest Additions before installing the updated version.

Can I use VirtualBox Guest Additions in other virtualization software?

No, VirtualBox Guest Additions are specific to VirtualBox virtualization software. Other virtualization software, such as VMWare or Hyper-V, have their own tools and drivers for seamless integration between the host and guest systems.

What should I do if I encounter a “Kernel headers not found” error during installation?

If you encounter a "Kernel headers not found" error during installation, it means that the necessary kernel headers for your current running kernel are not installed. You can install them by running the command sudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r) and then retry the installation.

How can I uninstall VirtualBox Guest Additions from Ubuntu 22.04 LTS?

To uninstall VirtualBox Guest Additions from Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, you can go to the mounted virtual CD drive, open a terminal, and run the command sudo ./ uninstall. This command will remove the installed Guest Additions from your system.

Can I use VirtualBox Guest Additions without internet access?

Yes, you can use VirtualBox Guest Additions without internet access. The Guest Additions package is included in the VirtualBox installation files, so you don’t need internet access to install or use them. However, internet access may be required for updating or downloading newer versions of Guest Additions.

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