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Can You Have Two Modems in One House?

Two Modems

A modem is an essential part of your internet connection, working to communicate with your internet provider. While one is enough to keep you connected, many have inquired about adding additional modems and whether that has an effect on the speed and quality of connection.

The answer is, yes, you can have two modems, and that’s not the limit. You could have multiple modems around the home, using them to power up your connection to the internet.

For the most part, users that partake in limited internet activity can get away with only one modem, experiencing quick connection all throughout the home. Is there a good reason to have multiple modems?

Why Have Multiple Modems?

Surfing the web here and there and connecting mobile devices could be enough for one modem to do sufficiently. However, some activities work more efficiently when connected with multiple modems, including the following.


Streaming is a popular pastime activity, allowing individuals to access their favorite films and TV shows. In addition to watching, streaming also allows gamers to get connected and play against other players across the globe.

Because streaming requires a lot of bandwidth, it can work better when adding an additional modem to the home. You might want to consider adding a modem if streaming, especially if there are other users in the home. This will ensure everyone has enough bandwidth to get their internet activities done.


Modems are vulnerable to attacks just like any other device that’s hooked up to the web. Having more than one in the home increases the security of the connection for both wireless devices and in-home accessories, giving each their own channel.

Take smart homes and hubs for example. All of them work with the help of an internet connection, which is why giving them their own can increase security. Users can connect their home hubs to one modem and surf the web with another, making it more difficult to access sensitive data.


Adding an additional modem can help increase upload and download speeds for your devices. This comes in handy when you need to get things done, increasing the connecting and helping you avoid any wait time.

Apart from increasing bandwidth, some users can use modems that connect to different service providers, preventing any lag time if one provider loses connection. This is a great way to increase security and ensure that users will always have a connection to the internet.


Adding an additional modem to the home can increase the internet coverage throughout, reaching even the most distant nooks and crannies. For those with large homes and multiple users, additional modems can increase the coverage so everyone can connect comfortably.

Connecting Two Modems in the Same House

Now that you know the benefits of connecting two modems to the same home, you may be wondering how that works exactly. It’s all about how you configure and connect your modems, which we’ll hit on coming up.

Using a Two-Way Splitter

A two-way splitter is one way to split up the connection into two different modems. It works by taking the connection and splitting it into two, sending some bandwidth to both. While it sounds simple, there are a few key things to consider when adding a two-way splitter.

First of all, you’ll need to ensure that your bandwidth is enough to split into two without affecting your connection. Secondly, you’ll need to check that your internet provider will allow you to have more than one modem. If all things check out, then you just connect and start using.

Using Bridge Mode

Bridging is another way to use two modems in one home. It’s a popular method among gamers, especially those who like to get big groups together and game for the weekend. Bridging will take one modem and allow multiple people to connect, typically connected via a VPN that conceals the IP address.

In other words, one modem is sort of switched off while the other takes charge, feeding through more bandwidth all at the same time.

Does Having Two Modems Increase Internet Speed?

Now to the golden question, does having two modems increase internet speed? The answer is it depends. There is a lot that goes into a successful internet connection, including the type of modem, your internet provider, your location, and the way you decided to connect your two modems.

The key is to first determine the amount of bandwidth that comes from the provider, then find the best method for connecting more than one modem. When doing these correctly, you’ll notice a difference between connection speeds and uploading speeds.

Can I Have Two Internet Accounts in One Home?

Another way to increase bandwidth and upload speeds is to have multiple internet service providers in the home. This could be with the same internet provider or different internet providers, though it just depends on what they allow.

Keep in mind that some providers will charge double for having two separate accounts in the home and others may not allow you to have other service providers within the same residence. It’s a good idea to first read the fine print of your service, then decide which steps to take from there.

Is Having a Second Modem Necessary?

While it sounds great to enjoy a faster internet connection, there are some that won’t benefit much from a second modem. The key to determining if you need an additional modem is first monitoring your habits and determining how you use most of your bandwidth.

If streaming and gaming are on your list, you may need an extra modem to boost your speed. If you’re just surfing the web and using handheld devices for things here and there, one modem may be enough, providing you with the connection speeds and security you need.

Before you purchase another modem, chat with your current provider, asking about your options for additional connections and if additions will benefit you.

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