How Big Is My iPad?

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If you are thinking of buying a nice and cool cover for your iPad, the model number and the screen size is what you must know. Otherwise, you can mess it up. Here’s how you can find the screen size of your iPad.

Quick Answer

Grab a ruler or a measuring tape and put one of its ends on the lower-left corner of the screen. Align the ruler to the upper-right corner of the screen. Make sure you measure the lit and not the blackened part of the screen. Alternatively, you can get the size from the Internet if you know your iPad’s model number.

This article will dig into how you can measure your iPad’s screen. What’s more, I’ll talk about how you can benefit from the Internet for this purpose. Lastly, I’ll share the screen sizes of the standard Apple iPads.

Measure Your iPad Screen Directly

The rationale for measuring an iPad’s screen is much the same as measuring the diagonal of a rectangular object. By general convention, the diagonal of the tablet is used to refer to the screen size. Here’s how you can measure it.

  1. Grab a ruler or a measuring tape.
  2. Turn on your iPad’s screen and place the zero on the ruler’s scale at the lower-left corner of the screen.
  3. Adjust the ruler to align with the upper-right corner on the ruler’s scale.
  4. Note the reading on the scale that coincides with the upper-right corner. 

Make sure you place the start of the scale on the corner of the lit screen and not the blacked-out screen. Over and above that, ensure you measure in inches and not centimeters. It is this standard measurement that signifies your iPad’s screen size.

By using the same method, you can measure the screen size of almost all electronic devices. 

Check Out Your iPad Size From the Internet

Apple and other websites have created a detailed catalog of all technical and physical specifications of its devices. You can find the specs of your iPad by knowing your iPad’s model number.

And where do you get the model number? That’s simple. Flip your iPad, and on the base of it, you’ll find some small lines etched into it. Look closely, and you’ll find a number following the “Model” label. That’s your iPad’s model number. 

Next, you can find the specs in two ways. The easy way is to type the model number in the Google search bar. A bunch of websites listing your iPad’s specifications will pop up. There, look for a “Size” tab. Voila! You’ve found how big your iPad is.

You can also visit Apple’s “Identify Your iPad” support page. Here, scroll down and search for your model number listed below some iPad. When you’ve found it, tap the link with the text “Tech Specs for iPad”. You’ll redirect to a specs page. Here, you can easily find the size of your iPad.

Different iPad Sizes

The standard size of an iPad is measured as the length of the diagonal of the screen in inches. You might be wondering how big are the different iPad models.

The standard iPad is 10.2 inches – that’s the iPad you’ll come across most often. On the other hand, iPad Pro is 12.9 and 11 inches, while iPad Air has a screen of 10.9 inches. Lastly, the iPad Mini has the smallest size of all iPads at 7.9 inches.


You can either directly measure your iPad’s screen or find the size on the Internet. To accomplish a direct measurement, just pick a ruler and measure the length from the lower-left corner to the upper-right corner. On the other hand, you can enter the model number of your iPad – which you can find on the back of your iPad back cover – into Google or Apple Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all iPads the same size?

No! iPads come in a large diversity of sizes. You can get an idea of the diversity of iPad size from the fact that the smallest iPad – iPad Mini – has a diagonal length of 7.9 inches. While the biggest iPad – iPad Pro – comes in as large as 12.9 inches. Apart from these, you can find iPad Pro in 11 inches variation, iPad Air in 10.9 inches, and iPad in 10.2 inches. 

What is the most common iPad size?

The standard iPad has a size of 10.2 inches. It is the most commonly used of all other models. According to 2021 statistics, it accounts for 56% of all Apple shipments. Second, iPad Air – having a 10.9-inches screen – is the most common iPad.

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