How Can I See My Copy Paste History on iPhone?

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Copy and paste are among the most convenient technological inventions in history. A copy and paste shortcut solves multiple problems in an instant. First, you avoid taking several steps to complete a process, such as copying a number from a message to the contact app. Additionally, you have a minimal chance of making errors because you retain information as is.

Knowing how to access your copy and paste history on your iPhone can come in handy when you accidentally delete the original information or when you want to confirm the information’s accuracy. Unfortunately, you can’t view your copy and paste history on your iPhone because iPhones don’t have a clipboard application.

If you’ve been wondering how to see your copy and paste history on your iPhone then this article is for you. This article will explain some hacks that you can utilize to retain and view your copy and paste information on your iPhone.

Overview of Copy and Paste History on iPhone

If you’re trying to see your copy and paste history on your iPhone, you should first understand that iPhones don’t have any inbuilt clipboard app to store your copy and paste data directly. When you copy something using, the iPhone will store it temporarily in the internal memory for later use. Additionally, your iPhone can only hold one copy and paste of data at a time.

To better understand the iPhone’s lack of clipboard function, knowing how its copy and paste function works is essential. When you copy something on your iPhone (e.g., link, image, text, etc.), you tap and long-press the information until a blue highlight appears. Afterward, there is a copy option, and you can select the entire text or just a portion. After copying, you’ll go to the section you want to transfer the information to, then long press until there is a paste option.

Beyond the process mentioned above, there is no other way to access your iPhone’s copy and paste history. But don’t despair just yet. Below we discuss a few options you can use to keep your iPhone’s copy and paste history to view at a later time.

2 Methods for Viewing Copy and Paste History on Your iPhone

There are two standard methods to store copy and paste information on an iPhone. You can check the step-by-step in detail at the following explanation.

Method #1: Using Your iPhone’s Notes Application

Because there’s no direct way to view your copy and paste data, you can use your notes app as a clipboard. To use this method, do the following:

  1. Long press on the information you want to copy until the “Copy” option pops up. Tap on it.
  2. Find the notes application on your iPhone.
  3. Click on “New Note.”
  4. Tap then hold on to the blinking cursor on the new page until the “Paste” option appears.
  5. Click on it to transfer information to the note.

The best thing about using your iPhone’s note app to store your copy and paste history is that you can keep a lot of data and access it anytime.

Method #2: Download a Clipboard App

Another way to manage your copy and paste data on your iPhone is to install a third-party clipboard app. Various clipboard apps are available on the app store, but the best will have multiple functions like Apple watch snippet creation, affiliate link support, and directions.

Some clipboard apps also automatically detect the type of information you are copying and give you a snippet glance. To use a third-party app to save your iPhone’s copy and paste information, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to App Store and select the clipboard app you wish to install.
  2. Download, then install the app.
  3. After installing, launch the app to see how it functions.
  4. Test it by copying something like a link, then pasting it on the app.
  5. Save the transferred info.
  6. Reopen the app to view the copy and paste history.

Every time you wish to keep some copy and paste information, open the app and then paste the data there.


As learned from this article, there’s no direct way to view your copy and paste history on your iPhone. But, using the notes app or another clipboard available on the app store will serve the same purpose.

Important Note

Even though iPhone’s note app and other clipboard apps help store copy and paste data, it’s essential to delete information like passwords and sensitive account details from your history. Deleting sensitive information minimizes the risk of the data falling into the wrong hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an iPhone have a built-in clipboard app?

No, iPhones don’t have a default copy and paste storage app. But, you can use your iPhone’s note app or another third-party clipboard app to store your copy and paste information.

When iPhone says “Copied to Clipboard,” what does it mean?

Copied to clipboard on iPhone means that the iPhone has temporarily stored the recently copied data.

Can I clear copy and paste information from a clipboard app?

All clipboard apps have a delete option that you can use to delete unwanted information.

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