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How Do I Clear the Cache on My Android Box?

Android Box Remote

Are the apps on your Android Box not working correctly, or are they taking a lot of time to load? Luckily, you can clear the device’s cache to fix most issues without much effort. 

Quick Answer

To clear the cache on Android Box, press the “Home” or “Quick Setting” button to open Settings. Next, open the “Apps” list, scroll and select the target app, select “Clear Cache”, and confirm by choosing the “OK” option. 

To help you with the task, we’ve compiled an extensive guide to show you how to clear the cache on Android Box for each app that is potentially slowing down the device. We will also discuss clearing the app’s data from Android Box and some fixes for a slow Android Box. 

Clearing the Cache on Your Android Box 

If you are wondering how to clear the cache on your Android Box, our step-by-step method will quickly walk you through the process.  

Step #1: Opening the Settings Menu 

In the first step, press the “Quick Settings” or “Home” button on your Android Box remote to open Settings.

Step #2: Opening the Apps List 

In the second step, select and open the “Apps” list from the Settings menu. However, you may have to move towards “See all apps” and then “Show system apps” to reach the apps’ list. 

Step #3: Selecting the App and Clearing the Cache 

In the last step, scroll through the “Apps” list to select the app you consider needs to have its cache cleared. Select “Clear Cache”, and then press the “OK” or “Enter” button based on the available options on the remote control.  

Now, you can repeat the process for all the apps you assume are not working correctly or slowing down the system.  

Clearing the Data on Your Android Box 

Sometimes, clearing the cache doesn’t work, and your Android Box might still not work correctly. To resolve this issue, try clearing data with these quick steps.  

  1. Press the “Home” or “Quick Setting” button on the supplied remote. 
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Open “Apps”.
  4. Select the target app.
  5. Select “Clear Data”.
  6. Press the “OK” or “Enter” button to clear all saved app data from the Android Box. 

Is Your Android Box Not Working?

If your Android Box is slow or not working correctly even after clearing the cache and data, you should consider following troubleshooting fixes. 

Fix #1: Fixing Internet Connectivity

One of the main reasons for a malfunctioning Android Box is poor internet speed or weak Wi-Fi signal strength. 

To troubleshoot the issue, run a quick online speed test, and if the results are not satisfactory, try restarting your router to contact your ISP to fix the problems at their backend.

Fix #2: Closing Apps in the Background 

Another reason behind the slow Android Box performance can be the multiple apps running in the background

To fix this issue, close these apps by pressing and holding the “Menu” or three-line button on the remote control for a few seconds, and all applications running in the background will appear on the screen. 

Now, use the up and down arrow buttons to switch between the apps, and use the right arrow button to close them one by one. 

Fix #3: Checking the Power Source 

A weak Android Box power supply can cause it to stop working, so first, switch the power plug and notice any change. If the problem persists, replace the Box’s power cable or batteries.

Fix #4: Resetting the Factory Settings 

With these steps, you can also fix your Android Box by resetting it to the original settings.

Step #1: Locating the Reset Button 

In the first step, unplug the power cable from your Box. Flip the Box to find “SPDIF” or “AV Port” on the backside.

Take a thin screwdriver or a toothpick and insert it into the port to press a small button inside. Press and hold the button while plugging the power cable back into your Android Box. 

Image 442

Switch on the Android Box and TV, and keep pressing the button until you see the boot logo on the screen. Once the logo disappears, immediately release the button.

Step #2: Deleting All User Data

Now, you may encounter two conditions; first, the screen will show a startup menu, or there can be an “Android Recovery Screen”.    

In both cases, go to the “Bootloader” menu, select “Wipe data/factory reset”, and choose the “Delete all user data” option. 

Image 443

Step #3: Restarting the Box 

In the final step, your Android Box may take a few minutes to delete all data files and restore default settings. Once it’s done, select “Reboot system now” to restart your Android Box, and see if this fixes the issue. 


In this guide, we’ve discussed how you can clear the cache on your Android Box. We have also discussed ways to fix the Box when it’s slow or not working. 

Hopefully, your question has been answered in this article, and you can start to enjoy your favorite apps on your gadget.  

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