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How Do I Know If I Have A Smart TV?


Smart TVs have revolutionized the market, allowing viewers to do much more than enjoy TV. From streaming to gaming to surfing the web, you can do it all with a Smart TV, which is why they’ve exploded in popularity.

Quick Answer

To know if you have a Smart TV in your home, one of the easiest ways is to check your remote and/or settings. If you see that you have options to connect to the internet and have apps installed like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix, then you have a Smart TV that’s set up for streaming.

If you’re unsure if your current setup is a Smart TV, we’ll introduce you to some ways that you can tell. We’ll also give you some pointers on getting a smart setup in your home, even if you’re still using an old device.

What Is a Smart TV?

Before we get into the details, let us first introduce you to the concept of a Smart TV. You can think of it as a combination of a TV and a computer in one, requiring a connection to the internet to unleash its power.

Smart TVs typically work with apps, allowing users to download them and enjoy things like gaming, streaming, and more. Just as a computer can, a Smart TV can access files from many of the systems in your home, including phones and home hubs to access files, photos, and music.

The most common use for Smart TVs in homes today is streaming with popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, and even Amazon Prime Video. Most of these require a subscription and an internet connection before login, doing so once and enjoying streaming straight from your home TV.

How Long Have Smart TVs Been on the Market?

Smart TVs are nothing novel, hitting the market back in 2007. The first ones came out with a bang, giving internet users a way to enjoy films, movies, and games on their home TV without having to connect a ton of wires.

Though they’ve been out for a while, they haven’t shied away from advancements. Throughout their 15-year run, Smart TVs have gotten updates that make them safer, faster, and compatible with more devices. They have also improved the quality, giving viewers access to enhanced graphics and visuals.

Can I Turn My TV Into a Smart TV?

So, what if you have an older TV that’s still running perfectly? There is no need to toss it in the trash. There are some things that you can do to convert most old TVs into smart TVs, as long as they’re not black and white ones.

In most cases, some of the TVs that came out prior to Smart TVs are compatible, only needing a connection via HDMI port to work properly. There is also something that goes by the name of a Smart TV converter box, which can be used to view content on the top streaming apps.

Converting your TV with HDMI

For starters, you’ll first want to locate an HDMI port on your TV. If you do that, then the rest is just about connecting things in the right way. You’ll need to purchase an adapter if you don’t already have one, purchasing an HDM-to-RCA adapter.

Then, all you’ll have to do is make the connections from your TV to your internet connection, accessing all of your favorite streaming sites while you’re at it.

Connecting Your TV With a Smart TV Converter Box

Smart TV converter boxes are available from all of the most-loved streaming services on the web. For example, Amazon has the Fire TV Stick and Google has the Chromecast Ultra. These little gadgets will allow you to access your favorite streaming from any TV with an HDMI port.

You don’t have to go with one of the big names, as there is a lot of competition out there. You can find convertor boxes from all kinds of companies, all of them with their own appeal.

How Do I Know if My TV Has HD?

Because you’ll need HD in order to convert your TV to a Smart TV, you’ll need to know what to look for. While most TVs these days have HD, some do not, which is why you could be missing out. To find out quickly, you could head over to the web and type in the make and model of your TV.

Most of the time, your TV will pop right up, showing all of the specs, including whether or not there it’s HD. It’s fast and quick to do it this way, taking just a few seconds of your time.

How Do I Know if My TV Has WiFi?

Part of the magic that makes Smart TVs work is a connection to the internet. How can you tell if your TV has a connection? Well, if you don’t already know, it’s simple to find out. First of all, you can take a look at your TV, locating the area where you find volume, channel changers, and Wi-Fi.

If you see a logo, then you likely have Wi-Fi. Additionally, you can head over to your settings, looking for a section that says “wi-fi setup” If you see that, then all you have to do is follow the steps to score wi-fi, connecting it to your home network.

Keep in mind that, just like any other device that’s connected to the internet, you’ll need to keep your Smart TV secure, ensuring that it’s far from the wrong hands and keeps your connection safe.

Start Enjoying Smart TV

If you’ve heard the hype and are ready to jump on the bandwagon, you can either purchase a Smart TV or convert your current TV. Either way, you’re just a few connections away from enjoying streaming straight to your home TV and using wi-fi to enhance your gaming and watching experience.

It’s time for an upgrade, enjoying all that comes with having a Smart TV in your home.

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