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How Do I Know if My Smart TV Has Bluetooth?

How Do I Know If My Smart Tv Has Bluetooth

If you have a smart TV, apart from your ability to download apps on it, there are several other features you may find useful on it. One feature that makes a smart TV so amazing is the ability to connect your device to it wirelessly via Bluetooth. However, not all smart TVs come with Bluetooth capability. So, how can you tell if a smart TV comes with Bluetooth? 

Quick Answer

If your smart TV comes with Bluetooth capability, it would be indicated in the user manual. You can also check the settings of your smart TV to find out if it has Bluetooth capability. Or simply search for the specifications of the smart TV online using the model number to know if it has Bluetooth capability. 

The Bluetooth function is primarily available on newer models of smart TVs. So, if you are using an old smart TV model, it will likely not have Bluetooth functionality. Use any methods discussed in this article to determine if your smart TV has Bluetooth. 

Different Ways To Know if Your Smart TV Has Bluetooth 

Most smart TVs, including Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and Sony, have Bluetooth capability. However, the brand of TV you use is not a guarantee that it will feature Bluetooth functionality. To know if your smart TV has Bluetooth, check for it. 

Below are three ways to check if your smart TV has Bluetooth. 

Method #1: Checking the User Manual

All TVs, including smart TVs, come with a user manual. The user manual often contains all the information you need about the TV, including product safety, installation, and accessories. So, if the TV comes with a Bluetooth function, it would indicate how to connect its Bluetooth to other devices, among other things, in the user manual. 

Here’s how to check the user manual for Bluetooth compatibility.

  1. Get the user manual pamphlet inside the carton of your TV. 
  2. If you can’t find the user manual, you can visit your manufacturer’s website to download the TV user manual. 
  3. Check the “Connectivity” section of the TV for anything related to Bluetooth. 
  4. If there is Bluetooth on the TV, your manufacturer would indicate whether it is Bluetooth 2.0 or Bluetooth 5.0

Method #2: Checking the Settings on the TV

Another intelligent way to check if your smart TV comes with Bluetooth is by checking your TV settings. For this method, you don’t need anything other than your TV and the remote control. Although the steps to check for the Bluetooth compatibility of different smart TVs will vary only slightly. 

Here’s how to check your TV settings for Bluetooth compatibility.

  1. Turn on your TV, and press the “Menu” button on the remote.
  2. In the “Menu” settings, navigate to the “About” window.
  3. Under the “About” window, you should see certain info about the TV, such as the Wi-Fi address and the type of Bluetooth supported, amongst other things. 

Method #3: Checking the Specs Online With a Model Number

Finally, if you are still finding it difficult to know whether or not your smart TV has Bluetooth functionality, it might be time to check online for more info. However, for this method, you would need the model number of your TV. You can find the model number of your TV on the back panel or the Settings > “About” page.

Here’s how to check online for the specs of your smart TV for Bluetooth compatibility.

  1. Go to the manufacturer’s website of your smart TV, even if you didn’t purchase the TV directly from their store. 
  2. Navigate to the search window, and type in the model number of your TV. 
  3. From the search result page, tap on your smart TV. 
  4. Click on “Specification” and check if Bluetooth is listed as one of the features of the TV. 
Quick Tip

On some smart TV, you can tell it comes with Bluetooth functionality by checking the remote for the Bluetooth button. However, not many smart TV remote controls come with a Bluetooth button.


While most modern smart TVs come with Bluetooth functionality, it shouldn’t be a turn-off for you if your TV does not come with one. Several other amazing features your smart TV can come with are equally enticing. However, a smart TV with Bluetooth compatibility stands out greatly. You can easily connect your device to it without the issue of wires making a nuisance around your TV console. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I pair a Bluetooth device to my smart TV? 

Suppose your smart TV supports Bluetooth functionality; you can easily pair it with a Bluetooth device by navigating to the “Source” window on your TV. Ensure the Bluetooth device you want to connect to is enabled. Then, in the “Connection Guide” window of your device, tap on “Bluetooth”, select the device you want to connect to, and it will automatically pair together. 

Can I add Bluetooth support to an unsupported smart TV? 

Yes, if your smart TV does not have Bluetooth functionality, you can add Bluetooth support by getting a Bluetooth adapter. With the Bluetooth adapter plugged into the AUX port of your TV and the USB port for power, you can easily pair a Bluetooth device to the adapter and get it to work with your TV without breaking a sweat. 

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