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How Does a Wireless Keyboard Work?

Wireless Keyboard

Wireless keyboards work like the standard computer with the distinct difference that data transfer is done wirelessly instead of needing a cable. This makes the wireless keyboard an excellent addition, allowing you to declutter your workplace. You wouldn’t enjoy such a benefit with a wired keyboard as the cords often get tangled with your computer. 

Quick Answer

If you’re thinking of getting a wireless keyboard, the question of how it works is something that must have come to your mind. Well, the wireless keyboard works through different ways to connect it to your computer, and these include the following.

• Through Bluetooth connections.
• Through radio frequency (RF).

Each technology is equally effective in connecting the wireless keyboard to your computer.

Read on as this guide takes a deeper look at how wireless technology works through these different technologies to learn more. This blog post will also cover a few of the frequently asked questions that are linked to how the wireless keyboard. Let’s get started.  

Deep Dive: How Wireless Keyboards Work

Wireless keyboards work by wirelessly transmitting data to the computer through a Universal Serial Bus (USB) that acts as the receiver of the keyboard signals. Irrespective of the signal used, there must be a plugged-in or in-built receiver that communicates with your computer for the wireless keyboard to work. 

The computer must also have an Integrated Circuit (IC) chip that receives all the wireless keyboard’s signals. This information is then transited to your computer’s Operating System (OS). Subsequently, your computer’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) processes and deciphers this encrypted data from the wireless keyboard. 

But for wireless keyboards to work, they must have batteries or an AC power connection to power them. Here’s a look at how each of these technologies works.

Method #1: Through Radio Frequency (RF)

Wireless keyboards that work by transiting radio signals do this thanks to a radio transmitter positioned inside one of the two tiny enclosures inside the keyboard. The transmitter can be placed on one end of the keyboard and below a plastic window at the top. However, moving your fingers between the keys doesn’t offer you greater mobility. 

The other design is where the RF transmitter is positioned directly below each key. Regardless of the RF transmitter’s position, the wireless keyboard transits electrical current via the switch’s metal contact. This then closes the circuit and transmits a radio signal to your computer. The wireless keyboard also features a microchip that stores the code for each key. 

Once your computer obtains the code, it deciphers it quickly and sends a corresponding number or letter to the program currently running. The radio frequency method of transmission is preferred because it offers a greater range, usually spanning distances that reach up to 100 feet

Method #2: Through Bluetooth Connections

Another popular method that wireless keyboards convey data to the computer is through Bluetooth technology. This technology is especially ideal because it doesn’t require a direct line of sight to establish a connection. It also provides for high data transfer speeds. This makes Bluetooth connections ideal for workplaces due to their dependable connection. 

However, Bluetooth keyboards have one major downside: they sometimes aren’t compatible with different Operating Systems or devices.  


Using a wireless keyboard is an excellent addition to your workspace as it saves you the hassle of ensuring your workspace is well-organized. This keyboard also allows you to use your computer without necessarily being too close to it, which is ideal for avoiding complications with your eye. 

But if you’ve wondered how the wireless keyboard works, this in-depth article has explained how this gadget links up with other devices. With this in mind, you’re now better placed to understand how this technology works besides enjoying how it allows you to work efficiently and comfortably. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wireless keyboards compatible with MacBooks?

Yes, you can connect your wireless keyboard with your Mac without trouble. Nonetheless, certain advanced features might not be compatible with some macOS versions or Mac models. 

How can I connect my wireless keyboard to my PC?

Connecting your wireless keyboard and PC is straightforward, but you must ensure that this device has adequate charge. The steps to follow also differ depending on your PC’s model, but you’ll first need to activate Bluetooth on your computer and wireless keyboard. After that, here are the steps to follow.

1. Launch the Settings app on your commuter. 
2. Go to “Devices” and tap “Bluetooth & Other Devices”.
3. Tap “Add Bluetooth or Other Devices”
4. Click “Bluetooth” if required to select the type of gadget you wish to add. 
5. If you’ve set your wireless keyboard in pairing mode, it’ll show on the page “Add a Device”, and you should tap it. 
6. You’ll be prompted to enter your wireless keyboard’s PIN, and you should do that. 

After entering the correct PIN, your PC and wireless keyboard will pair. If they fail to connect, restart your computer and wireless keyboard before trying again.  

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