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How Far Away From WiFi Router Is Safe?

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We have all been told to stay at least 5 feet away from the TV screen while growing up. Hearing this while watching your favorite cartoons every morning was a routine. The impact this had on the eyes may have been understood now that you wear spectacles while using the laptop or reading a book. While this impact may have been minute, the harmful effect of being close to a WiFi router is far more significant. It is no wonder that experts advise keeping a distance from the WiFi router. Why is this so? Well, let’s find out below. 

To learn about it all, read ahead. You will be glad you found out sooner and took the necessary precautions. 

How Far Away From WiFi Router Is Safe?

WiFi routers work by emitting radio waves caught by the connected device. The exchange of these waves helps you receive and send information to and from your tech gadgets. These radio waves are. However, non-iodized radiation makes them less harmful than radiation produced by microwave ovens. However, the closer you are to a WiFi router for a prolonged period, the possibility of harmful impact increases

This is why experts recommend keeping a distance of 40 feet. If not this, ideally, a distance of 10 feet should suffice

Harmful Impacts Of Being Too Close To The WiFi Router 

Here are some of the known impacts of being too close to the WiFi router, i.e., within the range of 30 cm for a prolonged time. This is because WiFi router emissions can disrupt normal bodily functions.

  • Increased risk of developing neurological diseases.
  • Hamper cell turnover leads to cancer.
  • It can impact sleep patterns and exacerbate insomnia if the WiFi router is placed in your bedroom.
  • Known to impact cell metabolism.
  • Brain fog and short-term memory loss.
  • Tinnitus, i.e., ringing sounds in the ears.
  • Increase in levels of anxiety.

Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to WiFi Router Emissions

To keep you and your family safe and protected from the harmful impacts of being close to a WiFi router, you can follow a few steps. The first one is installing the WiFi router in an area with minimal human exposure. This can be on a high shelf in your hallway, or inside an unoccupied room in your house. Avoid having the WiFi router installed in your bedroom or lounge. The exposure to radio waves is the greatest here. 

Secondly, you can place your phone in airplane mode when not in use. The EMF radiation is produced when the phone’s receivers are switched on to detect the WiFi signal is harmful. The same applies to the WiFi router as well. When you are away from your home, try switching your WiFi router off. Turn it on when in use for a few hours of the day. This should reduce your exposure to WiFi emissions by a significant amount. 

Moreover, a WiFi router guard is an investment that you can make to reduce emissions by up to 90%. This is essentially a cage in which the WiFi router can be placed. It does not impact the range and speed of the WiFi, so you don’t have to worry about any disruptions in connectivity. This investment will surely reap you the right returns, that’s for sure. 

Lastly, you can opt for low EMF emitting routers. There are a lot safer than standard routers as they have lower levels of radiation that are emitted. Hardwiring your internet connections is also another way to dampen the presence of emissions in your home. This is sure to be faster and a lot more efficient in keeping you connected. Try it out and see the difference it makes. 


There you have it – the estimated distance that experts recommend to stay away from the WiFi router. By keeping the figure of 40 feet in mind, you can stay safe and protected from the harmful radio waves. This also goes for your children and pets. Install your WiFi router at a safe distance and avail of the benefits of the internet the right way. 

Share this article with a friend or family member who you may have noticed having had the WiFi router installed close to their bed. This information is sure to help keep them safe and protected as well. They will surely thank you for it. 

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