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How Heavy Is a Gaming Mouse?

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When it comes to gaming, there is no such thing as the perfect mouse for everyone. This is because factors like the playing style, hand style, grip type, and so on vary from one gamer to the other. But what is the ideal weight of a gaming mouse? 

Quick Answer

Typically, a gaming mouse’s weight should be around 100 grams more or less. However, a huge percentage of gamers believe that the weight of a gaming mouse is not as important as finding a mouse that fits comfortably in hand. 

Irrespective of the weight of the mouse, a good gamer should be able to rise to the leaderboard in any game. While the effect of the weight of a mouse on a good gamer performance is somewhat negligible, it doesn’t mean the effects don’t exist. This article elaborates more on the weight of a gaming mouse.  

Impact of the Weight of a Gaming Mouse on Performance 

When it comes to making choices, everyone has their preference, and choosing the weight of a mouse is no exception. Deviating from your preferred mouse weight, especially if you have accustomed your playing styles to it, can impact your performance. Below we mentioned a few of the impacts an overweight gaming mouse can have on your performance. 

Impact #1: Accuracy   

One of the impacts of using a mouse you are not accustomed to while gaming is that it will greatly impact your accuracy. The reason this happens is that you are not used to the amount of force you need to apply to push the mouse to a certain point on your screen. And as you already know, gaming with a mouse has much to do with accuracy. When your accuracy is off because the mouse is too heavy for you to maneuver easily, you tend to miss many defining opportunities you normally wouldn’t miss while gaming. 

Impact #2: DPI 

Another thing we’d be looking at is the sensitivity of the mouse. While not many people know about this, the mouse’s weight impacts the sensitivity or dot per inch. On a heavier mouse, you need to increase the sensitivity of the mouse to reduce the fatigue on your hand to move the mouse. Hence, by increasing the sensitivity of the mouse, you can then get to the accuracy level of a lightweight mouse as you would only have to move the mouse through less distance. And because the mouse is heavy, you would have better control of it than if it were light with a high DPI setting. 

Impact #3: Comfort  

Your comfort will also suffer when the mouse is heavy. While gaming, you must constantly press a button or move your mouse around to move your character. Doing this with a heavy mouse is undoubtedly tiring as in no time you will start to feel a hand ache from the heavy mouse. Even though the weight of a heavy mouse may not be in kg, it is discomforting to maneuver with it for an extended period. And when you are not comfortable, it will impact your ability to play well. 

Impact #4: Eye-to-Hand Coordination 

Finally, the eye-to-hand coordination of the gaming mouse also has an impact on your performance. With a lighter mouse, it is easier to coordinate the mouse in the direction of your eyes because it is almost effortless to move it around. When the gaming mouse is heavier, your eye-to-hand coordination will be less precise. When you are not precise with your cursor positioning, it will hurt your gaming performance.  

Keep in Mind

Whether using a heavy or light mouse, you can always change your mouse sensitivity to better suit your needs. And with practice and consistency, you can climb to the top of any gaming leaderboard.


If you are considering getting a gaming mouse, opt for one with an average weight. Anything between 90 and 100 grams is an excellent average-weight gaming mouse. However, if, despite the downsides of using a heavy gaming mouse, you find it to be what’s most convenient for you, by all means, stick with using it. Because what matters is not the weight of the mouse you are using but your ability to win the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are heavy mice more expensive? 

While it is understandable to expect that a mouse is heavy because it is well-built, this isn’t always the case. Not every heavy mouse is expensive. Technology is becoming lighter every day. So, when a mouse is heavy, it isn’t necessarily because it contains more advanced technology, nor is it built with the best material. 

Does a heavy mouse offer any real benefit? 

For most gamers, a heavy mouse is not so desirable. A heavy mouse’s only real benefit is that it gives gamers more control, particularly in slow-paced games. However, in the case of fast-paced games where precision and speed are required, a heavy mouse will negatively impact your performance

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