How Long Can You Screen Record on iPhone?

How Long Can You Screen Record On Iphone

Whether you want to record an important meeting or maybe even a lesson from your iPhone, screen recording is super handy. Interestingly, you have no limit when it comes to the period of time you can screen record for. Apple never set this as they believe they cannot judge how long someone might need this feature.

Still, there are some reasons why your iPhone might stop screen recording, without you manually stopping it. 

This article helps you to find out more about how long you can screen record on your iPhone and what factors can affect the length of time screen recording can run.

What Factors Can Stop or Interrupt Screen Recording?

There are several factors that can lead to unexpected or unintended stopping of your screen recording.

Battery Loss

If you are screen recording and you’re on low battery then the phone might shut down. Fortunately, in most cases when this happens, the video, up until the phone shut down, will be saved on your Camera Roll right up until the last second it managed to record

However, there have been incidents when the iPhone has just ‘lost’ the whole screen recording. To avoid this, make sure that you have enough battery or your iPhone is at least plugged in before you start the recording.

Lack of Storage 

The most common reason why screen recordings are interrupted on iPhones is that the phone has run out of storage space. In that case, the recording will cut off and it will be saved to your Camera Roll up until the second it stopped recording.

At this point, your iPhone’s storage is full, but at least you have some of the recording stored.

Before recording your screen ensure that you have enough free space to store your recording. Remove any unwanted files, images, music, applications and videos so that all of your recordings can be recorded in full and stored in your iPhone. 

Another option is that if you know you need to do screen recording often, but also need to keep the recordings stored on your iPhone is to upgrade your storage plan. You can upgrade your iCloud storage easily from your iCloud account. This is a great long term solution and investment and saves you time organizing things before you get down to recording. 

How Can You Use Screen Recording?

While screen recording feature has been around for years, many people still don’t fully understand its purpose. Actually, there are many cases where screen recording might become a valuable feature to you.


If you are a bit of a tech whizz you probably get asked all the time to help your mom with updating WhatsApp or help grandma upload something to Instagram, whatever it is you have to take time explaining it. 

Using screen recording means you can record yourself doing it and simply send them the video of how can they do it themselves. They can then come back to that video in the future when the same question arises, without you having to explain it all over again.


If you are the learner rather than the teacher then you might be taking lessons for something, whether that is a language or a computer skill. If you have your lessons over the phone, you can use screen recording to save the lessons in your phone

It’s preferred to ask the teacher or instructor first if you can record the lesson for your own educational benefit. 

Present an Issue

Often when we use apps and platforms we notice slight mistakes, maybe in their spelling or function, something just isn’t right. It’s also quite hard to explain the issue that you have found to that company, so use screen recording to record the issue.

Simply record yourself using the platform, as you did when you first discovered the issue and then record the issue happening. Just send that over to the said company and they will be able to visually understand what the problem is, it’s much easier to show, ratheer than using words! 

Top Tips To Remember Before Screen Recording

Before recording your screen, take some precautions to make sure that everything goes by the plan and your screen record will not be unintentionally stopped or ruined.

Clean Out Your Phone

Reduce your storage by clearing out things you don’t need from your phone. If you simply can’t clear out enough room to make way for some screen recordings then upgrade your iCloud storage. 

Charge Your Phone

Make sure that your phone has enough battery or when it’s low, plug it in to prevent it shutting down in the middle of recording.

Turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’ 

The last thing you want while screen recording is to get random notifications from the wife or friends chatting about weekend drinks, especially if the video is for your work or will be seen by others. Turn on the “Do Not Disturb” mode to avoid this happening. 

Lock Orientation

Before you record, decide if you want to record in portrait or landscape, once decided, lock it in place using the lock orientation setting. This means that during the recording you can move your phone without the video changing its rotation. 

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