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How Long Do GPUs Last When Crypto Mining?

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Everything electronic item has a caveat that it comes with, and it can fail anytime without any signs or good reason. A graphics card is also made to stay productive for an extended period, but it can fail without warning at any time, and the GPU is highly needed for crypto mining. We need to know the longevity of the GPU we buy or use to mine crypto. So this brings us to the question, how long do GPUs last for crypto mining?

Quick Answer

A GPU is designed to give the best performance for at least 5 years and last for up to 10 years if preserved properly and still works properly after that. But crypto mining keeps the GPU working and active for an extended period without rest, and this weakens the GPU making it last for a minimum of 3 years

Some reasons make the GPU die faster than expected, and almost all the reasons are associated with abusing it beyond its limits. Sometimes the situation worsens to the extent that it does before the warranty period expires. In this article, we will take a look at how long a graphics card should last if used to mine crypto.

How Long Should GPUs Last When Used To Mine Crypto?

As we have established above, mining produces a lot of heat, affecting the GPU negatively. So peradventure, if you want to use a GPU chip with care, it can stay for as long as 5 years, and that would be very difficult because mining takes a very long before being completed. There is also a chance that the GPU will be outdated before dying. So, we need to know what makes a graphics card fail so that we can preserve it for a more extended period when using it to mine crypto. 

What Makes Graphics Cards Fail?

Before we go deeper into how long a GPU should last, we need to briefly explain what might make graphics cards fail. 

Reason #1: Overclocking 

Overclocking makes you push the performance of a card, thereby producing heat. You can make your PC perform better by overclocking it. Overclocking will increase speed and overall performance but damage the GPU fast. 

Reason #2: Bad Airflow

An exhaust and intake channel is the best way to maintain good airflow, but it depends on the case and system. Poor airflow will make the fans spin at full speed but won’t still be effective. Dust can also settle on the GPU when the airflow is very poor. 

Reason #3: Too Much Mining of Cryptocurrency

The graphics cards get extremely used during crypto mining to the extent that half of them melt because of the heat generated. 

Reason #4: Fans Not Moving at High Speed

Fans make the card’s temperature cool, and the temperature gets very high to the point that it can destroy the unit itself. Fans last up to 5 years under normal conditions, but in 2 years, they can die. Some fans reach a certain temperature (for example, 50 degrees) before they start moving to reduce noise. Also, the fan is not needed during idling or when using the GPU for weak loads. 

Reason #5: Heating

Heat is lost from most components of your computer, but the more you put loads of work on your GPU, the more it will produce heat. The more heat produced, the more the fans will speed up, and at a certain level, the air from the fans will not be enough, and thermal throttling will occur. However, the good news is that these days most GPUs have suitable cooling mechanisms and are more effective than previous ones. 

How To Add to the Lifespan of Your GPU

You can extend the lifespan of your GPU by a reasonable margin if you follow these simple guidelines. 

Tip #1: Running a Low Frame Rate

Set your low frame rate and graphical detail, and keep to it like that. It will increase longevity and reduce workload. 

Tip #2: Avoid Overclocking a Graphics Card

The performance will be squeezed out if it is overclocked, and the heat it will generate may easily damage it. Also, remember not to play around with settings like undervolting or overvolting. 

Tip #3: Properly Cool the Air It Gets

Your GPU must always be cool, and natural airflow might not be enough sometimes. Adding extra fans will help the temperature and longevity. 

Tip #4: Reduce Settings and Graphics Features

Your video card will work very hard when your graphics settings are high, putting a lot of pressure on the GPU. So reducing the quality of your graphics will help extend the longevity and ease the workload on the GPU

Keep in Mind

The capacitors may get damaged over time if the operating temperature of the GPU is too high for long periods.


GPU lasts a minimum of 3 years if it’s been used to mine cryptocurrency. But if it’s not used for a heavy workload, it can last for a decade or more. Reduce the workload and observe the instructions above to increase the lifespan of your GPU.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Before graphics cards die, how long do they last?

The graphics card may sometimes last up to 7 to 10 years or, in some cases, more. If not abused, a new graphics unit can play games for up to 5 years. 

How frequently should your graphics card be replaced?

The GPU isn’t a part of your computer that breaks down often. However, you can also replace it when it goes obsolete or when you need a more powerful graphics card to work with. 

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