How Long Do Mac Laptops Last?

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A peculiar thing about Mac laptops is that their lifespan is not only dependent on whether their hardware is still functioning. Of course, that is a crucial factor because, after a few years, Apple stops making the spare parts of a Mac laptop available, and repairs become almost impossible. However, your Mac laptop’s lifespan also depends heavily on whether Apple still supports its OS.

Quick Answer

The lifespan of a Mac laptop depends on the amount of time it will be able to run a version of OS that Apple supports, the availability of hardware spare parts when it requires repairs, how long you can update the apps on it, the operations you perform on it, etc. Mac laptops can last between 8 to 10 years, depending on whether it develops a serious hardware issue.

This article will discuss the factors determining how long Mac laptops last and how to know when it is time for you to replace your old Mac laptop.

Factors Determining How Long Mac Laptops Last

Barring unforeseen circumstances, Mac laptops have a prolonged lifespan within which they perform optimally. The factors below determine how long your Mac laptop will last before you replace it.


Five years after Apple stops selling a Mac laptop, it becomes “vintage”. This means that its hardware spare parts are only available in some repair shops. However, the laptop becomes obsolete after seven to eight years, and Apple stops making the hardware spare part available. 

Unless you can prevent serious hardware issues that require you to replace essential components on your laptop, your computer has reached the end of its time.

Software OS

Apple provides regular updates to software OS to prevent security vulnerabilities within your device. If Apple no longer supports the version of your laptop’s software OS, you will miss out on essential updates, making your device vulnerable to security breaches. 

On average, it takes Apple between eight to ten years to stop supporting a version of macOS.

Battery Power

Mac laptops are renowned for their strong batteries, and Apple designs its Mac laptop batteries to hold 1000 cycle counts. Each time you charge your Mac laptop battery from 0% to 100%, you have completed a cycle. After you have completed 1000 cycles, the battery loses its ability to hold a charge by 20%.

On average, your Mac laptop battery works with 100% efficiency for five years before its power dwindles. After 1000 cycles, the cycle condition of the battery changes from “Normal” to “Replace Soon”.

Follow the steps below to check your Mac laptop’s cycle count and condition.

  1. Press and hold the Option key and select Apple Menu.
  2. Click on “System Information”.
  3. Go to the “Hardware” section and select “Power”. The “Battery Information” section provides the cycle count and condition.

When your battery efficiency drops from 100% to 80% after 1000 cycles, you might not rush to replace it immediately. However, replace the battery if you want to guarantee the best performance.


Suppose you’re using your computer for simple tasks like browsing, email messaging, word processing, etc. In that case, your laptop’s lifespan will be much longer than if you are using it for video editing, gaming, photo editing, mobile app development, etc.

This is because there is a high chance that your computer will still have the requirements to run simple tasks after a long time. However, the heavy tasks might require consistent upgrades that your old Mac laptop cannot support.

Software Apps

Your apps constantly need upgrades to improve user experience, fix bugs, and guarantee the security of user information. Before upgrading your apps to the latest version, your software OS must support it, and your laptop must have the hardware required to run it. This is usually a problem for obsolete laptops.

When Should You Replace Your Old Mac Laptop?

Mac laptops cost a significant amount of money, so unless necessary, you should put off replacing your old Mac laptop for as long as possible. 

  • When Apple stops making the hardware spare part available: When your laptop becomes “vintage” or obsolete, you should start planning a suitable replacement.
  • When Apple stops supporting its latest version of software OS, you are vulnerable to security breaches when you can no longer upgrade your software OS. It’s best to replace your Mac laptop.
  • When your battery no longer holds your charge: After 1000 cycles, your battery can no longer hold your charge. You may not notice this immediately if you don’t run heavy operations like video editing or gaming. You might have to replace the laptop if Apple no longer produces the battery.
  • When it can’t run the latest versions of software apps: When your computer is old and Apple no longer supports its software, you will have problems upgrading the software apps on your laptop.


As explained in the article, the lifespan of your Mac laptop depends on several factors. But no matter how old your Mac laptop is, it won’t reach the end of its lifespan until it loses the ability to perform the operations you need it for efficiently.

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