How Long Does a Kindle Battery Last?

Kindle Battery

Kindle is a device specially made for reading e-books. One of the biggest advantages of Kindle is its battery life. The e-ink screen has been designed to conserve battery life more than most devices today. But how long is the battery of a Kindle device supposed to last?

Quick Answer

The model of Kindle determines how long the battery will last. The average range at which a Kindle battery lasts is between 4 weeks and 10 weeks after a single charge. And your Kindle would require a battery replacement after about 4 to 6 years or a charge cycle of 300 to 500 times.

This question can be further broadened into two parts. The first is to know how long the battery of a Kindle device will last after a single charge. The second question is to understand how long the battery’s lifespan is before it can be replaced. We will look into the two questions in detail and even give you the needed explanation. So let’s get to know how long it lasts and its life span!

How Long Does a Kindle Device Last per Charge?

The bigger the battery size, the longer the device should last. But just as we said above, the capacity of a Kindle battery varies from one version to another. The battery capacity of a Kindle Basic is 890 mAh. For the Kindle Oasis, the battery size is 1130 mAh. The Kindle Paperwhite has the largest battery capacity of 1700 mAh.

Based on the test duration of 30 minutes reading per day, light setting of 13, and Wi-Fi turned off, a Kindle device fully charged should last between 4 to 10 weeks, depending on the model, as per Amazon. The Kindle Paperwhite lasts for about 10 weeks, whereas the Kindle Basic lasts for about 4 weeks after a single full charge. Kindle Oasis on a single full charge can last for about 6 weeks

How Long Is a Kindle Device Expected To Charge?

In the same way we know the battery capacity of a Kindle device, we are also supposed to know how long it takes to charge. A Kindle device can take about 2 to 5 hours to charge fully. A lot of things—like battery level before the process of charging, the charger’s charging capacity, the Kindle model, and other reasons—are things that vary that won’t make us know exactly how long it takes to charge. 

How Long Does a Kindle Battery Last Before Replacement?

We have now understood how long a Kindle battery lasts when fully charged. Let’s now look into the lifespan of a Kindle battery. Kindle batteries use Lithium Ion batteries and generally can last for about 4 to 6 years. They also tend to charge for about 300 to 500 cycles. Only Kindle Fire tablets last for 2 to 3 years since they are charged more often than others. The battery life after a single charge of a Kindle Basic tends to last longer since the charge cycle is much higher.

Now that you know how long it takes before you replace a Kindle battery, you need to know the signs to see to know if your battery needs replacement. 

How To Know When Your Kindle’s Battery Needs Replacement

When your Kindle device doesn’t hold enough charge as before, you may need to change your Kindle battery. The performance of a battery starts reducing if the number of charge cycles designed for that battery is crossed. Sometimes the battery may not last long or take too long to charge fully, and sometimes, both may happen. 

These are some things you should observe when the battery of your Kindle device is not performing like before and when you need to buy a new one.

If your Kindle device powers off and fails to start, many factors might be at play, and a bad battery could be one of the reasons. If you plug your charger into the wall socket and plug it into your device, and it doesn’t turn on, then you need to replace that battery. Even if it turns on, continue charging the device until it is full to know how long it takes to charge. 

How To Increase the Lifespan of Your Kindle’s Battery

You can do a few things to prolong your Kindle device’s battery life. Here are some tips you can use to increase the lifespan of your Kindle battery.

  1. Use Airplane Mode frequently. 
  2. Reduce the screen brightness to the lowest.
  3. Use Sleep Mode more regularly and effectively.
  4. Don’t drain the battery.
  5. Use power adaptors and a compatible USB to charge it.
  6. Reduce exposure of battery to high temperatures.
Key Takeaway

All Kindle devices have different capacities, but how they are used will determine how long they last. Adhere to the tips above to enjoy a longer battery lifespan.


By now, you should know how long it takes for a Kindle battery to last before you replace it (lifespan) and how long it lasts (battery capacity). You have also been told what to observe to know if your battery needs replacement and how to increase your Kindle battery’s lifespan.

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