How Long Does Move to iOS Take?

Move To Ios

Shifting to iOS from Android has become much easier now. You can easily use the Move to iOS app to seamlessly share data between an Android phone and iPhone. If you have recently purchased an iPhone and are looking to transfer data, you may be looking to know how long the Move to iOS app takes to complete the transfer. 

Quick Answer

The answer to this question may vary from user to user. A varied number of factors can influence the data transfer time and speed. Some users say it takes 10 minutes to move to iOS from Android. While in our case, it took approximately 30 minutes to transfer data from Android to iPhone using the Move to iOS app. 

This article will discuss this topic in detail and learn more about it. If it takes too long to move to iOS, we will also share some fixes to solve that problem. Continue reading ahead to find out how much time Move to iOS takes to transfer data from Android to iOS.

Factors Affecting the Transfer Speed of Move to iOS

Numerous factors can affect the data transfer speed of the Move to iOS app. This section will mention all the factors impacting the Move to iOS data transfer speed.

Internet Connection Speed and Stability

The data transfer speed depends entirely on your internet connection speed. If your internet speed is slow due to any reason, the Move to iOS app will take much longer to complete the transfer. 

Even if your internet speed is extremely high, it doesn’t mean the Move to iOS app will take less time. The data-sharing speed also depends on the stability of your internet connection. If your internet isn’t stable and keeps fluctuating, it will take more time to complete the transfer. 

Amount of Content

You can’t expect 5GB and 2GB of data to take the same amount of time to transfer the data. The data transfer speed also depends on the amount of content you share over the network. 

These are some most common factors that can impact the data transfer speed. Let’s now find out how long the Move to iOS app takes to send data from your Android phone to your iPhone. 

How Long Does Move to iOS Take?

Many factors can affect the transfer speed of sending data from Android to iOS. Some users reported that it took approximately 10-30 minutes to completely transfer their Android phone data to their iPhones. On the other hand, a set of users says it takes around 20-30 minutes. In short, it could take a few minutes to several hours for the complete data transfer. 

If you transfer 2GB of data, it must take 5-10 minutes for the complete transfer. If the amount of data increases to 5GB, it should take around 10-20 minutes. In the end, if you are transferring more than 10GB of data, then it might take 20-30 minutes. 

Troubleshooting Move to iOS Slow Transfers

We have mentioned some tried and tested solutions in this section that you can try if your Move to iOS app takes much longer to transfer data from your Android phone to your iPhone. 

Fix #1: Check the Internet Connection

One of the possible causes behind slow transfer speed could be poor internet speed. If you are facing this issue, we suggest checking the internet speed and ensuring it isn’t fluctuating. You can try resetting your Wi-Fi Router or iPhone Network Settings to set everything back to default. You need to ensure the speed of your internet connection is appropriate and has no issues affecting the transfer speed. 

Fix #2: Delete Unnecessary Data 

The Move iOS app transfers everything stored on your Android smartphone’s storage. Your Android phone must likely have some data that isn’t relevant now. Thus, there is no point in transferring that data to your iPhone as it can consume more storage and time. 

We suggest deleting unnecessary data and then starting the data transfer through the Move to iOS app. It will help in reducing the average data transfer time. 

Final Words

You must have now understood that the transfer speed of using the Move to iOS app to transfer data depends on varied factors. One of the most influential factors is the amount of content. It varies with the amount of content you are sharing through the Move to iOS app. In most cases, the complete transfer takes around 20-30 minutes. 

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