How Long Is the Warranty on an iPhone

Iphone Warranty Check

It’s frustrating when suddenly your iPhone starts having performance issues, whether from accidental falls, scratches, or hardware defects. Besides, repairing these defects is relatively expensive. Moreover, it’s annoying, especially if your phone starts malfunctioning out of the blue. 

Fortunately, Apple offers a limited warranty covering your iPhone and Apple-branded accessories such as adapters, docks, speakers, headphones, and cases. But how long does this warranty last?

Quick Answer

The Apple Limited Warranty lasts one year from the date you bought your iPhone and its accessories and covers manufacturing defects in materials and craft. You can receive hardware repairs at a subsidized or no cost and technical support for iPhone performance. Additionally, you may receive a replacement from the company or a refund for the original purchase price.

This article explains how long the warranty of an iPhone lasts and how to check if your iPhone has a warranty, and other iPhone repair issues.

How Long Is the Warranty on an iPhone?

The warranty on an iPhone lasts one year after the original retail purchase. It’s known as Apple Limited Warranty and covers your phone and Apple-branded accessories that you bought together with the iPhone against manufacturing defects in materials and craft.

Through this warranty, you access free repairs for hardware problems or pay a subsidized price compared to repairing without a warranty. You also receive free technical support for one year from any Apple-authorized service provider.

What Are iPhone Issues Not Covered by the Apple Limited Warranty?

The one-year iPhone warranty doesn’t cover issues caused by accidents. These accidents include the following:

  • Accidental spillage damaged the internal components of the phone.
  • Falls that result in wear and tear.
  • Scratches and screen cracks due to trauma. 
  • Battery-related issues due to mishandling, undercharging or overcharging.

The warranty doesn’t cover issues arising from unauthorized modifications too. Even if your device coverage status is active, modification by a repair or service provider not authorized by Apple rules you out of the warranty. For this reason, always seek hardware repair and technical support from Apple-authorized service providers.

How Do I Check If My iPhone Is Still Under Warranty?

Having your iPhone repaired or replaced under the manufacturer’s warranty can save you money. Some of the repairs are costly, and it feels great when someone takes responsibility, especially if the problem is not your fault.

Are you unsure whether the Apple Limited Warranty still covers your iPhone? Here’s how to check if your iPhone and accompanying accessories are covered:

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Go to “General”.
  3. Scroll down the menu to locate “About” and tap it.
  4. Under “About”, tap on the “Serial Number”.
  5. Copy the serial number.
  6. Open your browser and go to
  7. Paste the serial number on the “Enter Serial Number” text box.
  8. You’ll be prompted to enter a security code. Enter the code.
  9. Click on “Continue”.
  10. You’ll be redirected to another webpage with details about your coverage status.

When you present a manufacturing defect on the material or craft under the Apple Limited Warranty, the company may do the following:

– Repair the device at no cost using new or used Apple genuine parts.
– Replace the device with another one of the same model or a different model with similar features if you consent.
– Refund the money used to originally purchase the device.


Suppose a defect arises on your iPhone and other related Apple-related accessories during the warranty period. In that case, you’re entitled to a repair at no or negligible cost, replacement, or refund from the company. The warranty on an iPhone lasts one year after the original purchase. This warranty covers your device against manufacturing defects on materials or artistry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all iPhones have a 1-year warranty?

Yes. Apple provides a one-year coverage against manufacturing defects on materials and craft for all iPhones and Apple-branded accessories.

What is covered in the 1-year iPhone warranty?

The Apple Limited Warranty covers your iPhone and Apple-branded accessories against manufacturing defects on materials or artistry during product development. These issues include hardware repairs and technical support for the phone, adapters, headphones, cases, docks, and other accessories.

This warranty doesn’t cover issues arising from accidents and unauthorized modifications.

Does the iPhone warranty cover a cracked screen?

No. The Apple Limited Warranty doesn’t cover accidental issues like a cracked screen. Apple only covers the cost of repairing a screen if the damage occurred due to manufacturing defects.

Is AppleCare+ worth it?

AppleCare+ is an extended warranty you purchase from Apple to cover some accidental defects and technical support. It is worth the extra dollar because it provides hardware repair or replacement for your iPhone.It also covers accidental damage protection.

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