How Long To Charge PS5 Controllers

Charging Ps5 Controllers

Do you want to know how long it takes for a PS5 controller to get fully charged right from the dead state? Well then, you’re browsing the right destination. After days of research, we now have enough resources to help formulate a concrete answer.

Quick Answer

A dead PS5 controller takes nearly 3 hours to get recharged. However, the number is subject to change depending on some situations. 

The following write-up is designed to help our readers with the most appropriate answer.

How Long Does It Take To Charge a PS5 Controller?

How long it takes to charge a PS5 controller depends on various situations. Considering the information on the official Playstation blog, a DualSense PS5 controller takes nearly 3 hours to charge up entirely from the dead state. Still, users experience a few minutes up and down.


In case your PS5 controller is taking a much longer time to charge, it could be a sign of an underlying problem. The best thing to do is get your device checked by a professional.

Factors That Determine the Charging Duration of Any PS5 Controller

As already mentioned, the answer to how long it takes to charge a PS5 controller depends on many factors. Here are some of the most common.

  • Available Battery: Suppose your PS5 controller has some power left when you decide to charge it up. In that case, the device will take less time than it might take to buck up from the dead state.
  • Current Status: The fact that PS controllers tend to charge sideways when you plug and play in the wired mode is no stranger to anyone. But many are unaware that the rate gets significantly reduced. If you’re charging your PS5 controller while playing, expect it to take much longer.
  • Working Condition: You can expect the charging speed to go slower if anything from the power supply to the charging adapter isn’t in its optimal condition.

Charging a PS5 Controller: Get the Basics Right

Ensuring you charge your PS5 controller correctly helps secure the battery performance and benefits the overall health. Here are some tips and methods to consider.

Method #1: Using the Console

One of the most straightforward ways of charging your PS5 controller is using the console. Here is how you can get the job done.

  1. Plug the USB-C end into the compatible port on your PS5 controller. You can locate it on the top rear side. 
  2. Plug the USB Type-A side into any of the PS5’s USB ports.

As soon as the connection is established, you’ll notice the DualSense’s light bar pulsing an orange shade

Quick Tip

Instead of the console, you can use the same cable and plug the USB Type-A end into your PC or laptop‘s USB port. The controller will draw power and charge when you turn on the machine.

Method #2: Using an Adapter

Charging the PS5 DualSense controller becomes more convenient when you have access to a smartphone/laptop charging adapter. But before you pick any, make sure to verify that the adapter is capable of delivering at least 5 volts of output.

  1. Take the cable and plug the USB-C end on the controller.
  2. Plug the USB-A end into the adapter.
  3. Power up the whole system and look if an orange light starts flashing. If it does, keep your device on charging until the light goes off.
Keep in Mind

Once your PS5 controller is completely charged, the light bar will automatically turn off. As that happens, disconnect the cable, and you’re free to use it on the wireless mode again.

Wrapping Up

That’s enough information about the charging duration of PS5 controllers. If you’ve made it until this point, you already know how long it takes for a PS5 controller to charge up entirely. Not just that, you’re now well aware of the factors that impact the controller’s battery and overall health one way or the other. If you’re still troubled with some queries, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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