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How Many Amps Does a Computer Use?

Computer Amps

Amp is a unit used to measure current. This means that the flow of electrical charge from one point to another is measured in amps. Electrical components, including computers, require a certain amount of amps to function efficiently. So, how many amps does a typical computer use? 

Quick Answer

The more components on the computer, the more amps it requires to function. On average, most computers draw amps ranging from 0.25 amps to more than 5 amps. Desktop computers are at the upper end of this range, while laptops draw the least power. 

Several factors determine how many amps a computer uses. For example, a user’s activity on the computer can influence the amount of amp the computer draws. The type of hardware used on the computer can also affect how much amp the computer uses. This article explains more about how many amps a computer uses. 

How Many Amps Does a Computer Use? 

If you are looking for info on how many amps your computer uses, one of the first things you want to consider is what type of computer you use. There are different types of computers, mainly desktops, gaming, and laptop. However, these different computers use different ranges of amps to power their components and properly function. 

The section below gives a general idea of how many amp computers are used. 

Computer #1: Desktop 

Generally, desktop computers are known to draw significant currents. On average, a desktop will require between 0.25 amps and 2 amps of current per hour. This range of amps is because the desktop might power a monitor, speaker, printer, etc. 

The more peripherals plugged into the computer, the more amp it will require to function properly. For example, a typical workstation will require around 2 amps to 3.5 amps of current per hour. Some computers can even need as much as 5 amps of current, depending on usage. 

Computer #2: Gaming PC

If you own a gaming computer, you should expect its amp requirement to be much higher. However, this depends on whether you use a gaming laptop or desktop computer. A gaming laptop requires fewer amps than a gaming desktop computer. 

On average, a gaming desktop PSU requires as much as 6.25 amps of current per hour of usage. Gaming computers consume so much amp because of one major component – the graphics cards. The graphics card type can also determine how much amp the gaming computer uses. 

Computer #3: Laptop 

Laptops are the least energy-consuming computers. However, because laptops do not consume as much current does not mean they have less computing power. An average laptop computer draws anywhere between 0.41 amp to 0.84 amp per hour. As such, a laptop computer can draw an average of about 6.73 amps for about 8 hours daily

So, even if you use a laptop for complex multitasking activities, its power consumption is still less than desktop computers. However, the power consumption of laptops can go a little higher than estimated when other more powerful peripherals are connected to the computer. Nevertheless, the above power analogy applies to many users. 

What Factors Influence the Amp Consumption of a Computer? 

Above we gave a general estimate of how much amp a computer consumes. However, this figure is influenced by several factors. Below we look at two main factors that influence the amp usage of a computer. 

Factor #1: Configuration and Components  

One of the main factors affecting a computer’s amp usage is its configuration. The configuration of computers varies from low-end to higher-end. Lower-end computers use less amp than higher-end computers, not because they are cheaper but because they have less power intrinsic parts.

A high-end computer build has more fans, coolers, GPU, and several other components, all of which add to the amp requirement of the computer. Also, your computer will use more amp if you use an LED monitor, as it requires more amp than an LCD monitor. 

Factor #2: Usage 

Another thing that influences how much the computer requires is how the user operates on it. What you are using the computer for will influence how much amp it requires. For example, the computer tends to draw more amp when gaming on a computer or doing any graphics-intensive task. Similarly, if you keep your computer on standby, it draws less amp. 

Quick Tip

To reduce how much amp your computer uses, remove peripherals, customize power management settings, use a smart PSU, and shut down your computer when not in use.


It is worth noting that the amp usage of a computer cannot be precisely determined as it fluctuates from time to time, depending on usage. Your computer’s configuration also has a significant impact on how many amps you’d need. But whatever the case may be, it helps reduce your computer’s overall power consumption.  

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