How Many Times Does an iPhone Ring

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Apple’s iPhone is a globally renowned smartphone, and despite its widespread use, many people are unaware of its several aspects. For instance, did you know how many times an iPhone rings before it stops?

Quick Answer

An iPhone rings four to five times for about 25 seconds before going to voicemail. However, to change that, dial *#61# on the Phone app to get a voicemail number. Next, enter the voicemail number on the dial pad, add *11*afterward, and mention the number of seconds you want your iPhone to ring.

When you get a call on your iPhone, it rings regardless of what you are doing. And it continues to ring until you answer or ignore the call. But for how long does it ring? 

We have taken the time to write a detailed guide on this topic for better understanding. 

When You Want a High Number of Rings Before Voicemail

If you have a busy lifestyle and are frequently away from home, you might want to set a higher number of rings on your phone before the call goes to voicemail. Indeed, it is especially true if you don’t know whether or not you will get through in time to receive the call.

Furthermore, increasing the number of rings before going directly to voicemail might be helpful if you are anticipating an important call while at work and do not want it to be lost amid all the other calls coming in at the same time.

The Number of Times an iPhone Rings

The default ringtone on iPhones is a standard one that plays four times, then switches to the vibrate setting. You can change this option to a custom ringtone that plays the same number of times but with a longer duration. 

However, the number of times an iPhone rings before it goes to voicemail is the same for every tune.

Moreover, if you toggle the Ringer/Silent switch to Silent, your iPhone will not ring at all but vibrates for the same period as it is when ringing. 


You can avoid ringing and vibration by turning on the Airplane Mode. To do so, open the Control Center of your iPhone and tap on the plane button. Once the Airplane Mode is activated, the button turns orange.

In addition, when the iPhone is in Airplane Mode, you will not receive any calls, and the caller is routed directly to your voicemail.

Changing Number of Rings on iPhone

You can customize the number of rings before your iPhone goes to voicemail. Thus, when a call comes in, you will hear more rings for an extended period before going straight to voicemail.

Our step-by-step instructions will help you change the number of rings on your iPhone, enabling the phone to ring longer.

So before any delay, here is the method for changing the number of rings on an iPhone.

Step #1: Getting Your Voicemail Number

First, open the “Phone” app on your iPhone and dial *#61#. Once you tap the green phone button, you will be prompted with your voicemail number. Finally, note it down.

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Step #2: Using the Voicemail Number

Now open the “Phone” app again and dial *61*. Next, follow this code with your voicemail number: *61*+12345678. Do not press the dial button now.

Step #3: Entering the Number of Seconds for the iPhone To Ring

After dialing your voicemail number and the code, dial *11* just after it. Now type in the number of seconds you want the iPhone to ring

For instance, include that number if you want it to ring for 30 seconds instead of 25. The entire code must look like this at the end: *61*+12345678*11*30

Finally, press the dial button and wait for the confirmation call from your carrier service. Soon the number of rings of your iPhone will change and increase from the conventional four to five times. 

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You can also use the voicemail number without the + sign.


In this guide about how many times an iPhone rings, we discussed whether you should set a high number of rings before voicemail and explained the number of times an iPhone rings. Moreover, we have also covered how to modify the number of rings or the time it takes to redirect a call to the recipient’s voicemail. 

We hope that now you know the number of times an iPhone rings and can change the number of rings before rejecting the call or being diverted to the voicemail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the caller be able to see if I declined or blocked them?

If you decline or block a call, the caller will know that you have done so. If you hang up, the caller is sent to your voicemail before the rings are completed. Besides, they will not even reach you via your voicemail if you have blocked them.

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