How Much Can I Sell My Acer Laptop For?

Acer Laptop

Are you looking to sell your pre-owned Acer laptop? If yes, the question of how much you can get from selling your Acer laptop must have to mind to see whether doing it will be worthwhile in the first place. This is especially vital if you’re selling a used Acer laptop, as it can be confusing to know how much a potential customer may be willing to pay. 

Quick Answer

However, don’t stress how much you can easily and quickly sell your Acer laptop, as there are different platforms you can use. The price range within which used Acer laptops get sold ranges widely, normally between US$47 and US$1,825, depending on the model. 

If you want to learn more about how much you should sell your Acer laptop, look no further. This laptop will also take you through helpful tips you should do to ensure you can sell your Acer laptop for great value. Let’s get started. 

How Much Can You Sell Your Acer Laptop? 

Before you even start your search for a potential client for your Acer laptop, the first thing to do is to determine how much money you can get from selling this device. On average, selling the Acer laptop should fetch you between US$47 and US$1,825. The significant price difference depends on whether you sell a low, mid, or top-of-the-line laptop. 

But how much can you value your used Acer laptop? You most probably are struggling with this to ensure you earn as much money from selling your laptop. And to help you arrive at the ideal price, here are a few factors that should guide you on the pricing of your Acer laptop.

Consider the Laptop’s Specifications 

The specs of your used Acer laptop will undoubtedly be the main thing that will determine how much you can sell this device. After all, the hardware and specifications of the laptop determine how well it can perform at performing its allocated duties. Some of the factors which need to be considered include the following.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory, the temporary storage needed for running files and applications. Thanks to RAM, the laptop can quickly launch the minimized apps. However, the memory is immediately lost once you switch off your Acer laptop. 

The RAM’s capacity is measured in gigabytes; typically, the bigger its size, the more memory it can store

Internal Storage

The internal storage is where all the files are stored on your laptop. There are two types of internal storage, HDD storage and SSD storage, with the latter a lot more superior despite being more expensive and complex. 


As your laptop’s brain, it’s no surprise that the CPU is a crucial component that you should consider. The CPU comes with several cores, ranging from 4 to 8. These cores are the ones that determine your Acer laptop’s efficiency measures in clock frequency


GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit, and it works almost identically to the CPU and is tasked with handling color, graphic and animation-related operations. Unlike the CPU, which runs all the laptop processes, the GPU is mandated with everything related to graphics. The quality of the GPU is measured in gigabytes, and usually, the bigger the number, the better the GPU.  


Another vital factor that should guide you on how much to sell your laptop is its age. Doing this is especially crucial because newer laptops are continually being developed. The newer laptop models are often more powerful and faster than the older ones. This happens because they have degraded components and parts, which over time have degraded. 

With older and worn-out components, it’s easy to see why your older Acer laptop will be cheaper than a newer one. With that said, the laptop can still be functional for a few years to come, and you shouldn’t discard it but rather sell it for a reasonable sum. 

The Laptop’s Condition 

The overall condition of your Acer laptop is also a helpful guide that can help you determine the best price to sell it. This is because the more flaws on your laptop, the less money you can sell it to an interested buyer. After all, even a minor flaw, such as discoloration or scratches, would reduce its overall utility. 

Knowing this, you must pinpoint all possible defects your laptop might have to guide you in determining the best price to sell it. Doing this will also help the potential buyer to know possible issues before they spend their hard-earned money. Remember, you shouldn’t expect to sell your Acer laptop at a higher price if you’ve mishandled it.  


Acer laptops are handy devices to own regardless of whether you’re a digital nomad, typically work from home, or use them for fun. But after using this device for a couple of years, you might want to sell your Acer laptop to upgrade to a better version that better satisfies your needs. In such a case, you’ll need to sell your laptop and use the money to buy another one. 

Nonetheless, you must wonder how much money you can recoup from selling your Acer laptop. Worry not, as this shouldn’t be an issue anymore after reading this exhaustive guide on how much you can sell your Acer laptop quickly and efficiently. In addition, you’re now knowledgeable on the best platforms through which to sell your laptop. 

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