How Much Can I Sell My AirPods For?


We all want to enjoy the thrill of using Apple’s state-of-the-art AirPods to listen to audio and songs, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford them. At least not the new ones, anyway. This is where the market for used AirPods comes from. Customers who want to enjoy quality AirPods but don’t have enough money to buy new ones can enjoy used ones with shorter lifespans.

Quick Answer

Used AirPods do not cost the same amount. Depending on factors like how long you’ve used the AirPods, how well you maintained them, and the version of your AirPods, you can sell your used AirPods for a low price or a high price. Used AirPods cost between $50 and $60 on buyback sites. You can also get a buyer willing to pay about $100 to $120 on eBay.

This article explains why it is difficult to sell or repair used AirPods, the factors determining the price of used AirPods, where to sell them, and how much you can expect to get for your used AirPods.

Why It Is Difficult To Sell or Repair Used AirPods

One of the greatest challenges with selling used AirPods is that you know it won’t last very long. AirPods users have complained that AirPods have a limited lifespan due to their rechargeable Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which degrade with each charge. Most AirPods last for two or three years before they start failing to hold a charge efficiently. And those are the new ones. 

Unlike iPhones or iPads, where you can get significantly high fees for selling used gadgets, you shouldn’t expect such returns on your used AirPods. 

The main problem with AirPods is the batteries. When your iPhone or iPad has battery issues, you can take them to the Apple Store to get them replaced. Apple doesn’t offer similar services for AirPods. If your AirPods are less than 12 months old and you can’t get close to five hours of listening time, Apple says you can replace them at no cost in any of its stores. 

From our findings, we realized that Apple doesn’t replace AirPods batteries. AirPods aren’t designed with the repair in mind. Apple will only exchange faulty AirPods with new ones. It is much easier to do that than to cut the AirPods open and replace the batteries. Even the best technicians will have a hard time doing that due to how the AirPods are assembled.

Since AirPods batteries can’t be replaced and have a limited lifespan, the buyer would not be willing to offer a high amount for AirPods that you have used for over a year. 

Factors That Determine the Price of Your Used AirPods

Take a look at these things to consider about the selling price of your used AirPods.


While there is a best-case scenario for your AirPods lifespan, there is no guarantee that they will last anywhere near that time. Your AirPods can have a significantly shorter lifespan without adequate maintenance. 

Employing good charging habits, keeping your AirPods away from water and extreme temperatures, and leaving your AirPods in their protective charging case when you’re not using them are some of the recommended maintenance practices to prolong the lifespan of your AirPods. With proper maintenance, you can sell your AirPods at a high price.  

How Long You Have Used It

No matter how well you maintain your AirPods, the battery is something you have no control over. Your AirPods batteries will continue to degrade with each charge, which is why this factor is important in determining the price of your used AirPods. 

If you’ve only used the AirPods for a few months and are only selling to save money for a better version, you can negotiate the price from a position of higher strength.

The Version of AirPods

Used AirPods vary in price, and AirPods of recent generations will cost more than AirPods of older generations. AirPods Pro will also cost more than normal AirPods because of the difference in quality. 

Where and How Much Do I Sell Used AirPods?

The price of your used AirPods is usually influenced by where you choose to sell them. What goes for $50 in a marketplace might cost significantly higher in another marketplace. 

Online Buyback Stores

This is the most transparent option. Although online buyback stores offer a higher value than in-store trade-ins, you can get a much higher value in marketplaces like eBay. Online buyback stores provide the current rate of used AirPods on their websites, where you can view and decide if you’re willing to sell.

Used AirPods Pro 2nd generation costs $57 in mint condition and $47 in good condition, while the 1st generation costs $35 in mint condition and $25 in good condition. 

Normal AirPods 3rd generation costs $51 in mint condition and $41 in good condition, while the 2nd generation costs $30 in mint condition and $15 in good condition.


You can get the best prices on eBay, but you have to advertise your product and negotiate with potential buyers. It may take more time, and you will be charged for shipping and eBay services, but you are more likely to receive the highest price for your used AirPods here. You may get up to $120 for used AirPods.

Sell Directly to New Owners

You can find new owners among your friends and family or have them refer potential buyers to you.


This is the least appealing of the places you can sell your used AirPods because Amazon’s trade-in program only offers gift cards for your used AirPods, and the rate is between $10 and $50, depending on the version of AirPods.

Wrapping Up

To get the best value for your AirPods, ensure you sanitize and maintain them adequately. Buyers will pay more for AirPods in mint condition.  

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