How Much Data Does Google Maps Use on iPhone?

Google Maps On Iphone

Google Maps, over the years, has evolved into an everyday utility. Whether you walk across the streets of a new location or ride through city routes, Google Maps often come in handy. But the fact that almost every one of us is concerned about limiting the amount of mobile data we spend in a day makes us wonder, “How much data does Google Maps use?” If you’re an iPhone user, prepare to face the answer.

Quick Answer

The number reflecting the data usage of Google Maps depends on the mode of operation. For instance, the Standard Mode eats up something like 5-10 MB every hour. When switched to the Economy Mode, the numbers drop significantly. In simple words, no straightforward answer explains how much data Google Maps uses daily as it is somewhat a situation-dependent entity.

Still, it is possible to source a rough estimation that sits close enough to the accurate value. Stay tuned as I unfold various aspects of Google Map data consumption. After dedicating your time here, you’ll be able to decide the appropriate duration for which you can have the Map’s functionality activated on your iPhone.

How Much Data Does Google Maps Use on the iPhone?

As already mentioned, the data consumption of Google Maps depends entirely on how you decide to use it. In case you don’t already know, the Maps functionality from Google has significant flexibility thanks to different modes and viewing features

Let’s understand the different facets of Google Maps and use the information to draw the most precise answer to the query we’re after.

Different Modes and Facets of Google Maps

There are Standard and Economy Modes in Google Maps. They differ significantly when the overall working ability is concerned. 

Standard Mode focuses on setting the destination point and asking the utility to draw a route. It is important to note that this form, by default, avoids map scaling or employing additional features. While you’ve got the Standard Mode up and running, Google Maps will utilize the mobile data (traffic) for operation. 

Economy Mode, on the flip end, drives the internet via Wi-Fi to get the job done. This way, it plays a pivotal role in leaving your mobile data unharmed.

Do you prefer switching to Economy Mode? Here’s how to operate Google Maps on Economy Mode.

  1. Boot up your iPhone.
  2. Find and tap the Google Maps utility.
  3. Click the menu icon sitting on the left-hand side of the screen.
  4. Find the option that says “Settings“.
  5. Look for the “Wi-Fi Only” feature and tap the toggle. Make sure it is turned on.

Understanding Google Maps Data Usage on iPhone

When in Standard Mode, the data consumption of Google Maps lies between 2 to 5 MB per hour. If you feel like making full use of Google Maps by engaging all the functionalities, expect the data usage rate to increase nearly twice

Next, let’s talk about the desired map display mode. I’ve already said that the data consumption will vary depending on your viewing option. Among every existing alternative, the Satellite Display Mode eats up more data. It demands about 900 KB per hour. Remember, the number is strictly for stable positioning, and it can crawl up if you tend to move too often.

Quick Tip

Disabling the “Launch in the Satellite Mode” option significantly reduces overall data usage. It can also help increase the loading speed significantly.

One of the other factors that often goes overlooked is the map scale. Scaling goes a long way in determining the volume of data Google Maps shall eat every hour. The calculation is pretty simple; the closer you tend to study a particular area, the more images will get uploaded, and more will be the data consumption.

Keep in Mind

When you launch the Google Maps app and ask it to upload any location with the typical zoom, the amount of data you spend is nearly 1 MB.

Tracking Google Maps Data Consumption on Your iPhone

Monitoring Google Maps’ data usage is no big deal. Follow the steps below and get the job done in minutes.

  1. Head over to your device’s Settings.
  2. Look for the “Connections” menu and tap it.
  3. Navigate to “Data Usage” > “Mobile Data“.
  4. Walk through the list of apps and locate “Google Maps“. Tap it, and you’re ready to check the respective values.

Wrapping Up

Are you done walking through the entire article? Great! That means you’re no longer a stranger to Google Maps data consumption.

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