How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Laptop Touchscreen?

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Whether your laptop’s digitizer is unresponsive or cracked, or the screen has too many blown pixels, a broken laptop display can impede productivity. However, you can fix it with the right tools and technical know-how. Or, with the right budget, you can have a professional replace the touchscreen of your laptop. But how much does it cost to replace the touchscreen on your laptop? 

Quick Answer

The cost of a touchscreen replacement varies based on the brand and model of the laptop. The touchscreen of some laptops can cost around $50, while others can go up to over $1000. The price varies because some screens are costly, and the labor to replace them can be intensive. 

Replacing the touchscreen on a laptop is delicate as it is sensitive to pressure, dust, and force. So, the process must go smoothly to get the best result. If you aren’t confident in your skills to get the job done, then you should leave it to the professionals.

If you’d like to know how much you will likely spend on a touchscreen replacement for your laptop, this article elaborates more on some factors that influence the price. 

Why Does the Price of a Laptop Touchscreen Vary So Much? 

The cost of replacing a touchscreen display is higher than a normal screen display. The reason for this price disparity is that the parts used in making a touchscreen display are more developed and fragile than a normal screen. Hence, manufacturers have to be extra careful during the manufacturing process. 

If you have a touchscreen laptop, you should be extra careful while handling it. But if your laptop’s touchscreen gets damaged due to unfortunate circumstances, you can have it replaced with the right budget. However, how much you budget for a touchscreen replacement varies based on a couple of factors which we will elaborate on below. 

If the cost for a new touchscreen replacement is on the high side, then perhaps you should consider getting a new laptop rather than replacing the screen. Below are some factors that can influence the price of a touchscreen replacement on a laptop. 

Factor #1: Brand and Model 

The brand and model of the laptop are factors that can cause the cost of a touchscreen replacement to vary. Different manufacturers sell touchscreen replacements for their laptops at different prices

However, the laptop model has a more significant influence on the price difference. As such, the touchscreen replacement for a newer laptop will cost more than an older one. Also, some major laptop brands and models have parts that are easily accessible, while there are some brands whose parts aren’t readily available on the market. Those brands you can quickly get their parts in the market tend to be cheaper to get a touchscreen replacement than those that aren’t readily available. 

Factor #2: Replacement Complications 

Another factor influencing the cost of a laptop’s touchscreen replacement is the amount of labor involved. Some laptops are relatively easy to replace the screen, while some are complex. You may need to remove the motherboard to replace the touchscreen on some laptops, making the cost of labor high. 

Meanwhile, you can even replace the touchscreen with a non-touchscreen on some laptops to keep the cost down. If you can replace the laptop touchscreen yourself, the labor cost will be lower. 

Factor #3: Size, Type, and Resolution 

You should also consider screen size as it is another major factor that influences the cost of any screen. The general rule of thumb is that the larger the screen, the more expensive it will cost. The type of screen on the laptop will also influence the replacement cost. 

Some laptops are made with an LCD screen, while some are with an OLED screen and a digitizer. Each type of panel on your laptop screen has its advantages and disadvantages. Also, if the screen has a high resolution and a refresh rate, it will be more expensive. 

Factor #4: Warranty

When you need a touchscreen replacement for your laptop, one of the first things you should consider is whether the laptop warranty is still valid. With a warranty, you could get the screen replacement at a lower price when the manufacturer replaces the screen. But note that for most laptop manufacturers, the warranty only covers damage due to manufacturing defects. So, if the laptop touchscreen is damaged due to mishandling, it will not be included in the warranty. 

Factor #5: Nature of Damage

Finally, the nature of the damage can also influence the repair cost. On some laptops, you can separate the digitizer from the main screen. On such laptops, if the damage only affects the digitizer, then you can fix it at a considerably lower price. However, if the damage extends from the digitizer to the main screen, you would have to replace both the digitizer and the main screen, which will cost you more. 


Before doing anything on your laptop, ensure you inspect your laptop properly, as sometimes a graphics card and motherboard problem can pose as though your screen is defective.


Getting a touchscreen replacement for a laptop can be expensive; however, you can keep the cost down by fixing it yourself. However, if you aren’t entirely confident in your skills to replace the touchscreen, you should take it to a professional technician. Take note of the factors we discussed in this article that can influence the screen replacement price so you have the right budget for it. 

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