How Much Does It Cost To Unlock an iPhone?

How Much Does It Cost To Unlock An Iphone 1

Many people prefer the idea of a used iPhone. It is cheaper with little difference than the newer models. However, it comes with one particular problem; it may be locked, and the companies responsible for this lock are carriers. It may be in the carriers’ interest, but the phone remains of no use to you. So, how much will it cost for a service to take this burden off you? Let’s see. 

Quick Answer

There are many ways you can unlock a carrier-locked iPhone. But the place where they differ is the quality of services and cost. If you ask your carrier, it will be $0, but only under certain conditions. However, the third-party services will vary anywhere from $30 to $150. However, with the proper research, you may be able to figure out a few decent options.

A lot of questions might trouble you here. What does a locked iPhone look like? How to check if an iPhone is locked? Can you unlock an iPhone yourself? What services are there to unlock an iPhone? What do they cost? 

Don’t worry. We will discuss this in this article. So, let’s get to it right away!

What Does a Locked iPhone Look Like?

Are you struggling to understand why you would get a locked iPhone? There are a few ways this fate would ring your doorbell.

If you bought your phone from an unofficial store, a carrier, or an unauthorized site, there are high chances for you to get a locked phone. You will find this problem consistently through carrier purchases. 


Can Apple remove the lock on an iPhone? No. Buying a used or carrier-locked phone means only the respective carrier can unlock your iPhone.

Carriers often advertise installment plans where they sell discounted phones to consumers. But the catch is that these phones can only work with their respective services. Of course, the customer doesn’t know this beforehand and gets a locked phone. However, buying from unofficial stores depends on the seller’s honesty and your luck. 

How would I know if I had a locked iPhone? Valid question. There are many ways to find out whether your iPhone is locked. Here is the easiest method;

  1. Go to the “Settings” > “General” > “About”.
  2. Search for “Carrier Lock”.
  3. Scroll down to see “SIM Lock”.
  4. If it says “SIM Locked”, you have a locked iPhone. But if it says, “No SIM Restrictions”, you are lucky to have an unlocked iPhone. 

Is a new iPhone also locked? No, you will not find a new iPhone that is locked. But it costs far more than buying a locked phone and using a third-party service to unlock it. The former costs above $1000 while the latter can come well under $900.

Can I Unlock My iPhone Myself?

No, you will have to refer to a service for unlocking an iPhone.

This lock is the form of a code put into the software of the iPhone. Hence, if you wish to unlock it, you will need another code. 

The carrier companies benefit from this situation because it means the customer will keep using their services. Due to this lock, people cannot unlock their phones from another carrier. Hence, the user is stuck with nothing but using their services. 

Companies Offering Unlocking Services and their Costs

If your iPhone is eligible, carrier companies are bound by law to do the unlocking services for free. But how can your phone be eligible? This is where the problem comes from. Every company has different criteria, and the carrier you go to depends on which carrier has locked your iPhone

Here, we are discussing a few of them.


It is free of cost if:

  • Your device is not reported as lost or stolen.
  • Your device has not involved any fraud
  • You can show proof of purchase of your phone.
  • Your device is not activated on another AT&T account.


Verizon will automatically unlock the phone if,

  • You have used the phone for 60 days


It will be free of cost if:

  • Your device is not reported as stolen or lost.
  • Your device has been active for 40 days.
  • The account holding the device is in a good state.

Third-Party Applications 

Is using a third-party service reliable for unlocking an iPhone? Well, it is not the preferred option.

People suggest that one should ask their carriers before trying out the third-party services. The main reason is that not all such applications are trustworthy. There are only a few trusted sources, and you will have to do a lot of research to find them.

As for the cost analysis, here is an average cost table for unlocking an iPhone:

Type of Carrier Price
AT&T $90
Verizon $30
T-Mobile $139


Wrapping it up, it does not cost anything to unlock an iPhone if your phone meets the requirements of the respective carrier. However, using a third-party application may cost you a little below $150. 

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