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How Much Gold Is in a Computer?

Gold In Computers

Have you ever opened your computer and wondered what the golden part of the circuits and internal parts is? Surprisingly, gold is used in these devices due to its excellent conductive properties. However, many people want to know how much gold is on their computers.

Quick Answer

A computer typically contains around 1/5 of a gram of gold worth around twelve dollars. The quantity of gold varies from one computer to the other. Brands like Dell and Apple have more gold laced on the processors and circuit boards than any other brand.

We have put together a detailed guide explaining how much gold is in a computer. We will also look into the parts of your PC containing gold and some simple step-by-step methods for extracting it.

How Much Gold Is in a Computer?

If you think the gold in your computer is enough to make you rich, think again. Though most electronic devices have gold lacing in their processors and chips, their quantity is not too large. As per some reports, an old-school computer has gold worth $9.

Similarly, if you own the latest model computer from a reputable brand like Dell, Apple, etc., you can get your hands on 1/5 of a gram of gold worth around $12. On the other hand, laptops usually have 1/10 of a gram of gold worth $6. 

However, the quantity of gold in a computer also depends on the type of machine you own. For instance, if you have a gaming PC, it generally has a relatively bigger quantity of gold laced in it.

What Parts of a Computer Contain Gold?

To be able to extract gold from your PC, it’s essential first to trace the gold in your computer. Here is a list of the parts of your PC containing gold.

  • The central processing unit (CPU) and motherboard have multiple gold-plated pins around their edges.
  • There are also some gold deposits on the random access memory (RAM)
  • You can also find gold particles in computer cables, wires, and hard drives.

Extracting Gold From a Computer

If you’re wondering how to extract gold from your computer, our 2 step-by-step methods will help you perform the task without much hassle.

Method #1: Using Nitric Acid

With these steps, it is possible to extract gold from your computer using nitric acid.

Step #1: Wear Protective Gear

Nitric acid is a harmful chemical to work with, and the fumes from the acid can cause a burning sensation in your eyes and even lead to nausea. Before beginning the process, it’s important to wear protective gear, a mask, safety glasses, and gloves.

Step #2: Gather the Circuit Boards

Once you have taken all the precautions to protect yourself, purchase nitric acid from a nearby store.

Take out all the circuit boards and computer parts containing gold particles, including the motherboard, CPU chip, etc. To bear extreme heat, put all the parts in a glass container made of Pyrex or any solid material. Break down all the components into smaller pieces.

Step #3: Pour Acid Into the Container

With gloves on, pour the nitric acid into the computer parts container. Once it’s done, you will see burning fumes coming out of it. Use a glass rod to stir the mixture and stop once all the contents become fluid in form.

Keep in Mind

All the parts of the circuit boards will dissolve into the acidic mixture except gold, as it needs more potent acids for dissolution. 

Step #4: Filter the Gold Particles

When all the other particles melt entirely in the mixture, and all you see is gold, use a filter to separate the gold particles from the liquid. Then, put the solid parts on a flat surface and manually separate any plastic parts.

That’s It!

You have successfully extracted gold from your computer.

Method #2: Using Fire

The simplest method to extract gold from your computer is fire, as explained in the steps below.

Step #1: Wear Protective Gear

Before moving towards the actual process, put on a face mask, and wear industrial gloves and safety glasses. Get a steel tong to turn over the computer parts during the procedure.

Step #2: Break the Circuit Boards

Take out all the circuit boards from your computer in a tray or metal bin. Break the parts into small pieces to speed up the burning process.

Step #3: Set the Pieces on Fire

Pour a little gasoline over all the pieces and set them on fire. Then, use the steel tong to flip the pieces over until they burn and turn black.

Step #4: Separate the Gold Particles

Let the pieces sit for a while, so they cool down. Then, with your gloves on, remove all the gold parts from the plastic components and store them separately.


As the melting point of gold is much higher than plastic, it will not burn with the plastic parts, and you can safely remove the gold pieces.


In this guide on how much gold is in a computer, we have looked into the quantity of gold in your PC, talked about the computer parts containing the shining metal, and explored some methods you can use to extract gold from your PC.

We hope one of these methods has worked for you, and you can now easily remove gold from your computer, making a lot of money.

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