How Much Is a Laptop Battery Replacement?

Laptop Battery

After using your laptop battery for a couple of years, it is normal for it to deteriorate. You should get a battery replacement when your laptop battery is deteriorated due to old age or a fault on your laptop. However, one question that plagues many users is how much of a budget they need to get a laptop battery replacement. 

Quick Answer

A laptop battery replacement costs between $10 and $250+, depending on several factors. The brand of the battery, where you got it, and even its capacity are some factors that influence the cost of a laptop battery replacement. 

Changing your laptop battery is one of the easiest ways to give your computer a boost in life. If your battery can no longer hold as much charge as it used to, it’s a sign that you need a battery replacement. Keep reading this article to learn more about how much it would cost to get a laptop battery replacement. 

Average Cost of a Laptop Battery Replacement 

How much you spend for the laptop battery replacement depends on many things, mainly the cost of the battery and the ease of removing the battery. If you own a laptop with an external battery, replacing it is very easy, and you could even do it yourself. However, if your computer has an internal battery, things take a different twist as you may need a professional to help replace the battery.

For these reasons, the average cost of a laptop battery replacement service varies. Below is a list of popular laptop brands and the average price to get a laptop battery replacement service. 

Brand name  The average cost of battery replacement 
HP  $30 – $140 
Dell  $35 – $120 
Lenovo  $30 – $200 
Acer $20 – $100 
Toshiba  $20 – $100 
Razer  $100 – $200 
MSI  $50 – $100 
Asus  $30 – $100 
MacBook  $130 – $200

What Factors Influence the Cost of a Laptop Battery Replacement? 

Now that you know the average cost of a laptop battery varies, let’s look at some factors that influence how much a laptop battery retails. 

Factor #1: Brand 

One of the major things that influence how much a laptop battery retails is the brand of your laptop. If you are using a popular brand like Apple, you shouldn’t expect to pay the same or less for a battery replacement than you would for a Lenovo laptop. Sometimes, it could just be a marketing ploy to make buyers believe one is superior to the other in price, and other times it could be that the brand uses different technology in their batteries. 

Factor #2: Technology of the Battery

As you already know, not all brands use the same technology. Some batteries are made of Nickel Cadmium, some are regular Lithium Ion, and you may find some with Nickel Metal Hydride. These different compositions of batteries have their advantages and disadvantages. This explains why some laptop batteries charge faster, some batteries can hold a charge longer, and some batteries can withstand more charge and discharge cycles before breaking down. These compositions in batteries result in different pricing. 

Factor #3: Number of Cells

The number of cells on a battery significantly influences how much it will cost at the end of the day. On some batteries, you may not see how many cells it has but the Wh capacity of the battery. Whatever the case, the more the capacity or number of cells of the battery, the pricier the battery will be. 

Factor #4: Where You Buy the Battery

It may not seem like much, but where you get the laptop battery can also significantly affect the cost—for example, buying a laptop battery from a local shop and a manufacturer. Shopping for a battery replacement from the manufacturer is cheaper. It would help to be cautious of the seller’s location online as the logistic cost could also cause the price of the battery to skyrocket. 

Factor #5: Refurbished, Used, or New 

The condition of the battery replacement you are buying will also influence the cost. A refurbished or used battery is cheaper compared to a brand-new battery. However, a used battery would not last as long as a new one would. 

Dealing With a MacBook?

On some laptops like the macOS, you can confirm the battery health. When the percentage health of your battery drops below a certain standard, you know when you need a battery replacement. 


Getting a battery replacement is something you should expect to do down the road as you use your laptop. How much you spend on battery replacement depends on your laptop. If you wouldn’t want to incur this cost anytime soon, you shouldn’t overcharge your battery, take note of the discharged condition, and the overall initial care for the battery says it all about how long it will last you. 

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