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How Much Is a New Laptop Screen?

Laptop Screen

The screen is one of the most fragile components of a laptop. Hence, the need for you to be extremely careful with it. Despite being careful, running into issues such as a broken screen can be unavoidable sometimes. However, a broken screen doesn’t mean your laptop is beyond saving. But how much would a new laptop screen cost? 

Quick Answer

Fortunately, the cost of a new laptop screen replacement is not as expensive as you may assume. A professional may charge you around $500 for a screen replacement, while if you are comfortable working on your laptop, it will cost you around $50 to $200.

The cost of a new laptop screen replacement is dependent on several factors. The brand of the laptop, for example, influences the cost of a new screen. The type of screen and whether you have a warranty can influence the cost of a new screen. Keep reading to learn more about the cost of a new laptop screen. 

Cost of a Laptop Screen Replacement From Different Brands 

One of the main determinants of how much you spend on a laptop screen replacement is the brand of the laptop. As such, different laptop manufacturers have a fixed price for their screen replacement parts. Below we have listed some of the widely used laptop brands and the cost of their screen replacement. 

Brand #1: HP Laptops 

HP is one of the widely used laptops as they have a large portfolio and cater to a wide variety of customer needs. The cost of HP laptops is relatively affordable, and so is its screen replacement. A large HP screen on some models can cost around $200 or more and be as low as $70 for some older models

Brand #2: Dell Laptops 

Another well-known PC manufacturer is Dell, known for its Windows-based gaming PC. The estimated cost of a Dell screen replacement ranges from $40 to $200 on some high-end models

Brand #3: Acer Laptops 

Acer is one of the mid-tier laptop manufacturers in the industry. They have a variety of cost-friendly laptops, and its average screen replacement costs around $100 but can also go as high as $300 on some flagship modes

Brand #4: Lenovo Laptops 

One thing Lenovo laptops are popular for is the availability of their parts. Hence, Lenovo laptops are quite cheap to repair compared to other brands. For newer models, a Lenovo screen replacement should cost around $60 or $300 or more

Brand #5: Samsung Laptops

Aside from smartphones, Samsung is also popular for its laptops. Most Samsung laptops are made of LED screens which cost anywhere between $140 and $200 for a replacement. 

Brand #6: MacBook Laptops 

MacBooks have one of the best displays, the Retina Display. However, you must budget between $200 and $500 to get a screen replacement for a MacBook. 

Other Factors Influencing the Cost of a Laptop Screen Replacement 

While the brand of the laptop influences the cost, other things will affect the cost of a screen replacement. Below are some of the factors to put into consideration when you want to get a screen replacement. 

Factor #1: Size 

Laptops have different screen sizes, ranging from 11.6 inches to 17 inches. The larger the screen, the more expensive the screen will be. 

Factor #2: Warranty 

If you have a warranty on your laptop, this can significantly reduce the screen replacement cost. Some laptop manufacturers offer users a free screen replacement on their laptops, provided the warranty is still valid.  

Factor #3: Type of Screen 

The type of screen on the laptop is another major contributor to its cost. While LCD and LED are the most common screen types, there are other features to consider, like high resolution and refresh rate as well as touchscreen capability, which can all increase the cost of a new laptop screen. 

Factor #4: Shipping and Taxes 

The cost of shipping a new screen can also increase the cost of screen replacement. It would help if you also considered taxes when purchasing the new screen replacement. 

Factor #5: Labor 

If you aren’t confident in your skill to replace your laptop’s broken screen, then you should take it to a technician. A technician will charge you for the service, which can vary depending on the technician. So, when budgeting for a screen replacement, always consider that. 

Quick Tip

Finding a reputable and qualified technician to repair your laptop screen can sometimes be challenging. But Dell Expert Repair Services, Best Buy, and Computer Expert USA are known for their repair services. 


A laptop screen is such an integral part of the laptop that when broken, you should repair it; otherwise, it will be impossible to use. While some screen damage can be mild at other times, the damage can be severe.

But note that if the screen goes bad for manufacturing reasons, you could get it replaced for free if it is still under the warranty period. Otherwise, if the screen got damaged due to an accident, you’d have to incur the repair cost. 

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