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How Much Is My Apple Watch Worth?

Apple Watch

Apple Watches are becoming increasingly popular, as they can do much more than just tell time. If you’re considering selling your watch and want to know how much it is worth, here’s a guide to help you. 

Quick Answer

All Apple devices have a trade-in value that defines that iOS device’s worth. Likewise, Apple Watch also has a trade-in value. If you plan to sell your Apple Watch, you can check its trade-in value by visiting Apple’s official shop. In addition, you can also check the prices of used Apple Watches on sites like eBay to get an estimate of your watch’s current worth.

This article will explain the trade-in value and some techniques through which you can figure out how much is your Apple Watch worth.

What Is the Trade-In Value of Apple Products?

Unlike other smart devices, where you have to visit the market and check how much your device is worth, Apple allows you to check your device worth from its trade-in value. However, to get the most from your device, you can also follow that traditional practice, but it will take up much more time.

Trade-in value is the amount you will receive on selling your device. In most cases, you get this amount as a credit voucher, which can be used to purchase new devices.

Apart from Apple’s official shop, you can get trade-in value from multiple other online merchants. So, to get the best quote for your old watch, it is advised to check different online shops.

On What Factors Does the Trade-In Value Depend?

The quality of your gadget and the product’s lifespan are just two of the numerous variables that affect trade-in value. In light of this, it stands to reason that newer iPhone or Apple Watch models will be more valuable than earlier ones.

If you are planning to sell your device, the optimal time is before the release of new models. After Apple introduces fresh models, the value of existing gadgets depreciates. In addition, the price reduction is approximately 30%.

How Much Is Your Apple Watch Worth?

The best way is to determine your Apple Watch’s trade-in value through the Apple Shop or other websites like Best Buy.

Check the Trade-In Value Through the Apple Store

You can easily check the trade-in value of your iPhone, Apple Watch, or MacBook through Apple’s official store.

  1. Visit the trade-in section at Apple’s official site.
  2. Drag down to the bottom of the page, and select “Apple Watch”. When you select it, it will ask you to mention Apple Watch’s serial number.
  3. To get the serial number of your watch, go to Settings > “General” > “About”.
  4. You will see your device’s serial number;  copy that number on the website.
  5. After verification, you will see the trade-in value for your Apple Watch.

The trade-in value can be converted into a gift card, which can be used to purchase a new product in the apple store.

To get an idea of how much worth your Apple Watch is, here’s a list of the maximum credits you can receive against your old watch.

Apple WatchMaximum Trade-In Value**
Apple Watch Series 6$150
Apple Watch SE$105
Apple Watch Series 5$115
Apple Watch Series 4$75
Apple Watch Series 3$40
**The data has been taken for Apple’s official store. This is the maximum credit you can get against the respective watch. However, the actual trade-in value will depend on the condition of your watch.

Check the Trade-In Value Through Best Buy

Like Apple, multiple sites like Best Buy also give you an option to calculate the trade-in value. Getting quotations from multiple sites can help you better understand how much your watch is worth.

  1. Visit the trade-in section on the Best Buy site.
  2. Slide down the page, and select “Smart Watches”.
  3. The site will ask you a couple of questions.
    • “What is the brand of the smartwatch?”
    • “What is the model?”
    • “What is the body type?”
    • “What is the size?”
  4. After you answer these, you will get to a new webpage; select your product from the list.
  5. Select the condition of your watch: “Good”, “Poor”, or “Recycle”
  6. The site will display the trade-in value, which may be credited to your account.

Compare Prices With Used Devices on Sale

Apart from checking the trade-in value, you can also find out how much your watch’s worth by checking the prices of used products. 

You can visit sites like eBay, which sell out used products. Check if your Apple Watch is listed as a used product. If it is, you can get an idea about the current price of your watch.


If you plan to sell your Apple Watch, you would be interested to know its current worth. One way is to check its trade-in value via the Apple store or other online stores. Another way is to check the prices of used products listed on selling sites like eBay. 

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