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How Much RAM for Streaming?

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Whether you want to stream games or watch your favorite show online, you need a good RAM to support fast browsing. Usually, people go on to buy a CPU or a GPU, but that should not be your second priority when streaming live. But how much RAM should you get? Valid question. 

Quick Answer

The ideal RAM for a perfect stream is 32GB. In contrast, 16GB is quite suitable for playing games like Fortnite and CS:GO without interruption. However, 4GB and 8GB can also suit you well in certain conditions. The key is setting your requirements aside and then deciding how much RAM fits you the best because 32GB may also sometimes be overkill for your system.

Are you confused? Don’t worry! This blog will discuss how much RAM is ideal in different conditions. In addition, we will also see if 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB are enough for streaming and if there is such a thing called overkilling the streaming experience. So, let’s discuss. 


Before doing anything, you must check the minimum requirements of the game/software/application you use. YouTube recommends 8GB, while Twitch suggests going for 16GB. So, remember to check the minimum requirements.

Is 8GB RAM the Best for Streaming? 

No, it is not the best or recommended, but 8GB RAM may be enough for streaming in some cases. It is far better than having 4GB RAM, but it would still limit your streaming choices.

You may not be able to use many applications in the background, nor will you be able to multitask. It is more like using a slow phone because you have to be careful with the options you choose. Moreover, you may experience lagging and witness average streaming quality.  

Is 16GB RAM the Best for Streaming? 

Yes, 16GB is the recommended RAM for streaming, and it has become the standard for any quality game or even streaming buffer-free on Netflix

The best part is that it does not hinder the audio or video quality. You can stream games and videos at 720p or even 1080p without interruption. In addition, you can keep the apps running in the background because you will rarely experience a lag.

Is 32GB RAM the Best for Streaming?  

Yes, it is the ideal RAM you can adopt for the perfect streaming experience. Although 16GB is suitable for big games like Fortnite and CS:GO, 32GB RAM would allow you to play various multiplayer games

However, many users believe that taking 32GB of RAM could be overkill. This may be true because sometimes, you might not need such a massive amount of RAM. But there is no harm in “the more, the merrier.”   

We suggest using 32GB if you have the budget and are an avid gamer. Otherwise, 16GB is more than suitable for a great gaming setup. 


If you are still confused, here is a general tip. You must ensure that your RAM is double the amount of the recommended RAM.

How Much RAM Do I Need for a Buffer-Free Stream?

If you are streaming a game, we suggest keeping a RAM of 16GB. As for 32GB, that would be the ideal case if you have the budget. However, if you wish to stream videos online or watch a movie on Netflix, 4GB is more than enough for the stream. 

Wait, there is one more case; if you want to watch live streaming while gaming, we recommend using 8GB. It may not be the best in quality, but it will be enough to provide you with both options simultaneously. 

But in all cases, you must ensure a running Wi-Fi. Because often, you have the necessary RAM, and the streaming is still not buffer-free. So, checking the internet connection should be a priority. 


A dual-channel RAM is better than a single-channel RAM. For example, if you need 16GB, it is best to use two 8GB sticks or four 4GB sticks than opting for a single 16GB stick, and this is because it creates multiple channels for increased data transfer.

Can RAM Overkill Destroy the PC?

Absolutely not. There are no harmful effects of overkill RAM on the PC. Many prefer keeping 32GB RAM because they think the more, the better. 

A 32GB RAM may help you get 4K HD resolution on your streaming experience, but it may become too much. However, if you have the money and want the perfect gaming experience, you can go for it.


The amount of RAM you need depends on your requirements. While 4GB may be enough for streaming videos, it is not the best for streaming games. The recommended RAM is 16GB as it can provide excellent quality without interruption. As for 32GB, that is the ideal setup. All in all, we hope that our guide was able to clear the knots in your head. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: 16GB or 32GB?

It depends upon your budget. If you have the money, you can go for 32GB, but if you don’t, you can stick with the 16GB. Both are more than enough to get a great streaming experience

How much RAM will I need to stream in 4K?

Streaming in 16GB is enough to get you a 4K streaming. You can stream any video or game in an enhanced quality without lags. 

Is 32GB overkill or the ideal RAM for streaming?

32GB is a long-term investment if you do not need a future upgrade. But it may be unnecessary if you do not require such a massive amount of RAM.

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