How Much Storage Does a Switch Lite Have?

Nintendo Switch Lite

If you are thinking about buying a Switch Lite, you will want to know as much about them as possible. One of the main concerns many people have about the Switch Lite is the device’s memory. So, how much storage comes with the Nintendo Switch Lite? 

Quick Answer

The Nintendo Switch Lite comes with 32GB internal storage space. While this storage can hold a couple of games, it often isn’t enough for most people. Thankfully, you can use a memory card on the Nintendo Switch to get more out of it. 

The reason how much storage a Switch has is essential is that you need to download games into it if you don’t want to carry around that specific game cartridge. Even though most games on the Nintendo Switch aren’t very large, as they range from 0.5GB to 4GB, it’s important to have enough storage to get all the games you love.

Keep reading to learn more about the storage space of a Switch Lite. 

How To Increase the Storage Space of a Nintendo Switch Lite

The storage space on a Nintendo Switch Lite is very limited. With only 32GB to work with, the internal storage will be full, and you cannot download any more games. No one likes to delete games to create space to download a new one. Thankfully, Nintendo offers cloud service to Switch users where they can achieve their game data. Hence, even if they uninstall a game, whenever they reinstall it, they can get back in action from wherever they left off. 

Note that you must pay for a monthly subscription to back up your game files on the Nintendo Switch cloud. If you do not want to incur this cost, alternatively, you can increase the storage space on your Nintendo Switch Lite. To increase the storage space on your Nintendo Switch Lite, get a memory card, insert it into your console, and move game files to it. Below are the steps to follow to increase the storage space on a Nintendo Switch Lite. 

Step #1: Insert the Memory Card

Firstly, to insert a memory card in your Switch Lite is to power down the console. So, hold down the power button for a few seconds and then select “Turn Off” from the popup power option. With the console off, turn it to the back and lift the kickstand, where the memory card slot is. Insert the memory card in the slot with care ensuring you insert the right side of the memory card. The metal pins on your memory card must be facing down. You will hear a click when the card is securely held. 

Step #2: Navigate to “Data Management” on Your Console

Power the Switch Lite back on, and the memory card should be successfully installed. So, from the home screen of your Switch, select the “System Settings” option. Click on the “Data Management” option and choose “Move Data Between System/SD Card”

Step #3: Move Games to the Memory Card

To move games from your Switch Lite to your memory card, click on the “Move to SD Card” option in the “Data Management” option. Then, select the games you want to move to your SD card and click on “Move Data”. It will take a few seconds, and the games will be moved to your memory card, freeing up space on your internal storage. This way, you can now have more space on your device to download new games. 

Quick Tip

To view the games you have on your memory card and the console itself, navigate from the “System Settings” to “Data Management” and then click on “Manage Software”, and you will see the list of games you have installed.

What Memory Card Is Supported on a Nintendo Switch Lite? 

If you decide to use a memory card on your Nintendo Switch Lite, note that it only supports a microSD card. You can use any microSD card on the Nintendo Switch Lite, be it a microSDHC or microSDXC; they all work on the Switch Lite. 

If you are having trouble using the microSDXC card on your Nintendo Switch Lite, update your system software by navigating to the “System” in “System Settings” and clicking on the “System Update” option. 

With a microSD card installed on your Switch Lite, you can store all kinds of information, from games to software updates, screenshots, and even videos. However, note that you cannot save your game progress data on it.  


When getting a Switch Lite, and you are concerned about the storage space, don’t be. Even though a small storage space means you are limited in the number of games you can install, there is a workaround. If the storage space on your Nintendo Switch Lite is no longer sufficient for your needs, you can either back up your game data on Nintendo Cloud or get a memory card. Whatever the case, you can get more storage space and games using either of the options. 

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