How Often Should You Clean Your Laptop And PC

Cleaning A Computer

As humans, we need to continuously clean and look after our overall hygiene to safeguard ourselves from viruses and germs that can adversely affect our health. The same also applies to your computer or laptop, which needs routine cleaning to ensure it remains in perfect working condition. This is especially critical because there are 100 times more germs on your computer compared to the toilet seat.

With such a frightening fact, it’s easy to understand the importance of regularly cleaning your computer. Besides germs, dirt and dust can eventually affect your computer’s performance in the long run.

With this in mind, let’s get started and see how often you should clean your computer or laptop.

How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Laptop And PC?

There’s no straight answer on how often you should clean your PC or laptop. In fact, some computer users admit they’ve used their PCs and computers for several years without cleaning them. However, this isn’t recommended because it causes these devices to get a lot dirtier and, as a result, more challenging to clean.

This buildup of grime and dirt on your computer can lead to the continuous malfunctioning of your PC in the long run. In addition, it results in a couple of telling that without a doubt indicate its time to clean your PC or laptop, including;

  • Weird sounds are being produced.
  • There’s a strange and foul.
  • The fans are covered with a lot of dirt and dust.
  • Computer programs are running slower than normal.
  • You’re having trouble playing games or streaming video content.
  • Reputed crushing of your computer.
  • The computer becomes extremely hot to touch.

If you wish to prevent any of these issues, it’s recommended that you clean your PC or laptop after every three to six months. When cleaning, you should focus on every part of your computer, from the keyboard and screen to internal components such as the power supply and hard drive.

The frequency of cleaning the different components also varies, and here’s a quick guide you should follow:

  • Computer fans – Ensure they are cleaned at least once every month.
  • Keyboard – No less than once each week.
  • CPU heatsink – Between three to six months.
  • Case – A minimum of once every year.
  • Mouse – Always clean after use.
  • Ports – Make sure to clean not less than once between three to six months.
  • Monitor – Routine between three to six months.
  • Power supply – At least once after two or three months.
  • The CPU’s motherboard – Make sure to routinely clean after six months.

Factors Determining How Often You Should Clean Your Computer

Although there’s a recommended frequency of cleaning your laptop or PC, how often this needs to be done will also depend on several factors.

The Computer’s Placement

Where you place your laptop or PC considerably significantly affects how often your gadget needs cleaning. For instance, a PC placed on a table in a high traffic area will require frequent cleaning compared to that inside a shelf. This applies if you typically store your laptop inside a bag or case for prolonged periods.

Cleaning your computer often if it’s an open area is advised because it’s more prone to accumulating dirt and dust. This is also necessary if you store these devices on a carpeted floor because of greater dust accumulation, consequently blocking up the power supply. With this in mind, here’s the recommended cleaning frequency depending on the computer placement.

Whether There Are Pets Nearby

While pets are without a doubt lovable and give you much-needed entertainment, they’re guilty of causing the malfunctioning of your computer. This is because these pets, for instance, cats, or dogs, shed a lot of hair each day that eventually finds its way into your PC or laptop through the vents.

The hair pile-up meant to insulate your pet causes your PC’s operating system to overheat by creating a heat blanket. As a result, this device becomes unusable because the programs are excessively slow, and the PC becomes too hot to touch.

The overheating might also be caused by the hair sticking on the fans, limiting how effectively it cools your computer systems. This, in the long run, results in permanent damage to your computer’s components. And in such circumstances, you’ll need to clean your PC a lot more often, ideally after every three months, to prevent a possible malfunction.

The Number of Users

The number of persons using a computer directly impacts how often you should carry out the routine cleaning. This is because more users increase the likelihood of transferring dangerous microorganisms, such as germs or viruses. As a result, this exposes you and every other user to a greater health risk.

With this in mind, it’s best to clean your computer more often rather than wait for six months when there are more than two users.

The User’s Habits

Another thing that affects the frequency at which you need to clean your computer is the habits of the individuals using this device. This is because some users exhibit behavior that exposes your computer to a greater likelihood of accumulating dirt and dust.  

For example, if you regularly drink or eat while using your PC, there’s a great chance that food scraps or liquid spillage will land on the computer’s keyboard. Because of this, you’ll need to clean your computer more often. Ignoring this will otherwise lead to the accumulation of crumbs beneath the keys, thereby making them a lot more difficult to press.

Smoking is another user habit that can determine how frequently you need to clean your computer. This is because smoke leads to the eventual accumulation of dust and tar in your computer. These items eventually stick inside the computer to block the fans and inhibit the cooling system.

If you exhibit any of these habits, it’s necessary to clean your PC or laptop a lot more frequently than someone who ensures their workspace is clean and tidy. This way, you can be certain your PC is always clean and in an excellent working state.


The PC and laptop are essential when doing different activities from doing schoolwork or business, online shopping, checking email and social media platforms, plus streaming video content. Therefore, it goes without saying that it needs proper care to continue working well.

With that said, the question of how often you should clean your computer can be confusing because everybody has got his theory on the ideal duration. Luckily, worry no more as this guide has outlined the recommended period after which you should clean your laptop and PC. And to spice things up further, we’ve even added additional insights related to this topic.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if you don’t clean your laptop or PC?

If you ignore regularly cleaning your PC or laptop, your computer’s hard drive won’t have enough space due to the many needless files and programs. This will eventually cause your PC to run a lot slower than before. It can also bring about issues such as files suddenly going missing and errors while using your PC during routine day-to-day tasks.

How should you clean the exterior of your computer?

Cleaning your PC’s or laptop’s exterior is pretty simple, and all you need is a cloth that you’ll dip into water containing dish soap. After that, forcefully squeeze the cloth to ensure it doesn’t trickle as you’re wiping the PC’s exterior surface. Once that’s confirmed, start wiping your laptop’s exterior with this moist cloth and consequently use a dry cloth when finishing up.

For your computer screen, it’s best to use a microfiber cloth to remove all the dirt. If you can see any debris stuck on the screen, gently use your fingernails to scratch it off. Alternatively, you can wipe off the stain using tape. 

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