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How Tall Should a Computer Desk Be?

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When you work long hours on a desk, its ergonomics become an important factor to consider. So, buying a height-adjustable desk is a great deal when shopping for a desk. So, what is a good height for a desk that promotes good posture? 

Quick Answer

There is no fixed number of what the height of your desk should be. However, an ideal desk height should be about 28 inches while sitting and about 44 inches while standing

If you use an incorrectly adjusted height of a chair or table, it can lead to neck and back pain. And because not everyone is the same height, there are no one-size-fits-all computer desks.

To ensure you find the ideal computer desk for you, in this article, we will be elaborating on features to put into consideration when choosing a desk. 

How To Determine the Ideal Desk Height for You

Whether you’re looking to get a standing or a sitting desk, how it influences the position of your legs, arms, and head matters a lot. While looking into the height of your computer desk, you should also consider the position of other things relative to the desk. 

Below, we will elaborate more on what to consider when determining the ideal computer desk. 

Feature #1: Monitor Position 

The position of your monitor on a computer desk relative to your sitting or standing position matters significantly. The monitor should be placed at least arm’s length away from your face. Also, the desk’s height should be such that the monitor is below the horizontal visual axis.  

If your desk is too tall, the monitor will be above the horizontal visual axis, forcing your neck to tilt up, thus causing neck pain. Aiming for a height that puts the monitor at eye level would be best. Aim for the top of the monitor to not be higher than your eye level.  

Feature #2: Chair Position  

If you are going with a seated position, the chair position relative to the desk is also crucial. You should adjust the chair’s armrest, backrest, and height based on your body. But if you’re going with a standing position, note that you shouldn’t stand in front of your office desk too long as continuous standing can cause irritating pain and affect your concentration. Meanwhile, you can alternate between standing and sitting. 

Furthermore, the backrest of the chair should recline to about 110 degrees. But it can vary the recline of the backrest between 90 and 120 degrees. If the chair’s backrest angle is too deep, it will change the natural S-shape of the spine, which causes discomfort in the long run. 

Feature #3: Armrest Position 

Another thing that comes into consideration when choosing the ideal computer desk height is the position of the keyboard and mouse with respect to your arm. Your armrest is in the correct position when it is at the same height as the desk

Ideally, an optimum desk height should have your arms sitting comfortably at 90 degrees to your sides. However, you can vary the angle between your lower arm and lower arm such that it is not lower than 70 degrees or more than 135 degrees

Feature #4: Feet Position 

Finally, the position of your feet should be such that you have enough leg room when sitting in front of the computer desk. The desk shouldn’t be so low that you don’t have enough room for your legs. And neither should the desk be too tall that you can’t place your legs firmly on the floor.

Your feet shouldn’t dangle while seated in front of the computer desk. Use a stool to relieve the pressure on your legs if your feet aren’t well planted on the floor because the desk is too tall. You should adjust the chair with respect to the height of the desk. The upper and lower leg angle should form a right angle or an angle lower than 125 degrees

Quick Tip

If you’re having trouble calculating the right desk height that will be comfortable, feel free to use any desk height calculator, such as tools Omni Calculator, Inch Calculator, etc.


Getting a computer desk for your workplace with a sturdy design, wide surface, and adjustable height is advisable, as it gives you maximum value for your money. You should also ensure you adjust the height of your desk, so it’s right for you. If the desk is too tall or too short, it will cause much discomfort in the long run. And if your desk is not adjustable, adjust your chair and incorporate a footstool if needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ideal desk depth? 

The depth of a computer desk is the distance from the front to the back. A desk with a depth between 26 and 36 inches is ideal for accommodating most gadgets you’d need to place on a desk. However, you can aim for more or less depending on your office space and the size of gadgets you need to place on the desk.

How far should the desk be from the wall? 

Considering you have enough office space, a desk’s minimum distance between the desk and the wall should be between 33 and 36 inches. You should give this much space between the desk and the wall so one can freely move around. 

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