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How To Add Apps to Sony Smart TV

Adding Apps To Tv
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You can add apps to your Sony smart TV through the built-in Google Play Store or download the app’s APK file and install it on your TV with a USB connection.

Sony Smart TVs are one of the premium TV brands with outstanding reliability and unique features and are more or less the same as an Android device. We have taken our time to compile this detailed guide for you on how to add apps to Sony Smart TV.

What Is the Difference Between a Smart TV and a Traditional TV?

A traditional TV can only stream content through an HDTV antenna, streaming cable, and A/V source. However, the advancements in technology introduced us to a new breed of TVs.

Technology experts have successfully designed and manufactured TVs with powerful processors, innovative technology, user-friendly software, and internet connectivity and later labeled them as Smart TVs.

A smart TV is almost similar to the functions of a smartphone or tablet and provides endless entertainment features. You can now watch your favorite show or movie on any streaming app, play a game, and use a built-in browser to surf the internet.

Every TV Brand is continuously releasing new and upgraded smart models. However, Sony is holding its ground and giving the competitors a run for their money.

Adding Apps to Sony Smart TV

Adding apps to a Sony smart TV is a simple process. Our step-by-step instructions will help you do the process effortlessly by using Google Play Store.

We’ll also discuss downloading the apk file of the app and adding it to the smart TV. So, without any delay, here are the two methods for how to add apps to Sony smart TV.

Method #1: Using Play Store

In the first method, you will use Play Store to add apps to your Sony Smart TV.

  1. Start the Sony Smart TV and connect it with an internet connection.
  2. Press the Home button on the supplied remote and navigate to the Apps section.
  3. Locate the Google Play Store and select it.
  4. Next, type the app’s name in the Search Field, or you can choose the apps from suggestions.
  5. Finally, select Install and Download the app on your Smart TV.
  6. To launch the app on Smart TV, simply open the app in the Apps section.

Method #2: Using an APK File

If there is an issue with Google Play Store, there is a workaround to add apps to your Sony smart TV.

Image 9
  1. Start the Laptop/PC and open Google Chrome.
  2. Search for the particular apk file for the app you want on your Sony TV.
  3. Copy the link to an external hard drive (USB) and connect it to the TV.
  4. Next, open the USB on the Sony Smart TV and Download the apk file.
  5. Finally, access the app and Launch it on the Smart TV.

We recommend downloading the apk file from a reputable source as it may hinder the performance of your Sony smart TV. Google Play Store is considered the safest way to add apps to the TV.


In this guide about adding apps to Sony smart TV, we discussed adding the apps through Google Play Store. We also explored another method of using an apk file of the app to install it on the TV.

If you are new to smart technology, especially an Android Sony Smart TV, don’t worry; not everyone has all the knowledge. Hopefully, you can quickly add apps to your Sony smart TV with this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I find Google Play Store on the Sony Smart TV?

If you can’t find the Play Store on your Sony smart TV, connect the TV to your home broadband connection and adjust the time correctly. If the issue persists, reset the TV and check that you can see Google Play Store under the Apps section.

Do I have to install Google Play Store on my Smart TV?

No, Google Play Store is a pre-installed feature in all the Smart TVs, including Sony.

Can I add any app to my Sony Smart TV?

No, you only have access to the apps supported by the Sony smart TV.

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