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How To Add Disney Plus to Sharp Smart TV


With the ever-rising popularity of streaming services, you’ll find that there are several options to choose from, with one of the most popular ones today being Disney+. 

With so many shows available on Disney+, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you want to enjoy it on your TV. However, getting Disney+ to work on your Sharp TV can be challenging since most Sharp TVs don’t include the streaming setting. 

Don’t sweat it, though! Even without the streaming setting, you can still get Disney+ on your Sharp Smart TV. Read on to learn how to add Disney+ to Sharp Smart TV. 

How To Stream Disney+ on Your Sharp Smart TV

After doing a little research, you’ll find that almost all Sharp TVs don’t have Disney+ available to stream, except for the Sharp Aquos line. 

Being one of the newest released TV series by Sharp, the Aquos series includes an Android TV operating system that allows you to stream Disney+ with no issue. 

So if you own one of these TVs, you can simply download the Disney+ app directly to the TV. 

How To Download Disney+ on Sharp AQUOS TV

Like any other application, you can download the Disney+ app from the available app store on your TV.

  1. Go to the app store available on your TV.
  2. Search for the “Disney+” app.
  3. Click on “Install.”

Once you’re done, you can log into your Disney+ account and enjoy your favorite Disney shows without a problem! 

How To Stream Disney+ on Other Sharp TV Models

If you own another Sharp TV model, you can still enjoy Disney+. You’ll just need a few gadgets before you can start your streaming.

Since there’s no app store to download Disney+ from, you’ll need to download an app on an external device and then connect it to your TV to start viewing. This can be done in many ways. The most common one is using a Chromecast

How To Use Chromecast on Android Devices

Before you can start using your Chromecast for streaming, you’ll need to set it up and connect it to your TV. You’ll also need to have a device where you can download Disney+ like a tablet or smartphone. 

If you own an Android device, you can start the setup as follows:

  1. Make sure you have access to a working WiFi network.
  2. Download “Google Home” on your Android device. 
  3. Plug the Chromecast device into your Sharp TV’s HDMI port.
  4. Open the “Google Home” app and choose the “Add” option.
  5. Tap on “Set Up Device.”
  6. Choose “New Device.”
  7. Follow the instructions, and your Chromecast should be connected to your TV.  

Now, you can open your Disney+ app on your mobile device and start streaming! You’ll need to create an account on Disney+ before you can access its shows. 

If you’ve completed all the steps, once you launch a show on Disney+, you’ll find a small square icon on the top right corner of your screen. 

By clicking on that icon, a window with a list of devices will open. Choose your TV, and that’s it! Your show should start streaming on your TV! 

How To Use Chromecast on iOS Devices

The previous steps were all for Android devices. The same steps apply to iOS devices, but with a few slight differences, as indicated below. 

  1. Make sure you have access to a working WiFi network and a Google account. 
  2. Plug the Chromecast device into your Sharp TV’s HDMI port.
  3. Download “Google Home” on your iOS device.
  4. Turn on Bluetooth.
  5. Open the “Google Home” app and choose the “Add” option. 
  6. Tap on “Set Up Device.”
  7. Choose “New Device.”
  8. Follow the instructions, and you’re done! 

Using Roku Stick To Stream Disney+

If you don’t own a Chromecast, you can still stream Disney+ using a Roku stick or a Roku setup box. The Roku device is popular for having almost all streaming services available. Disney+ is also one of the many apps you can find on it. 

Here’s how to use a Roku stick to stream Disney+ on your Sharp TV:

  1. If you have a Roku setup box, connect it to your TV’s port using an HDMI cable. If you own a Roku stick, you can connect it directly to the port. 
  2. After you’re done, you can plug in the Roku device to the power outlet before turning on your TV. 
  3. The Roku logo should show up while your TV is starting. Once that’s done, you’ll need to start setting up your Roku device. 
  4. Choose a language and connect to the available WiFi network. The device will then start downloading the latest software before it asks you to log into your Roku account. 
  5. You can create an account on Roku’s official website. You’ll need to activate your account before you can start using Roku’s streaming services. 

Once you’re done, you can now access Disney+ from your Roku unit by following these simple steps: 

  1. On your Roku device’s remote, press the “Home” button.
  2. Open the channel store by tapping on “Streaming Channels.”
  3. Search for “Disney+” in the “Search Channels” section. 
  4. Once you find Disney+, you can go ahead and click on “Add Channel.”

This should start installing Disney+ on your device. After it’s done installing, you can find it on your channel list on the Home screen. All you’ll need to do is sign in to your Disney+ account, and you can start streaming your favorite shows on Sharp TV! 


Not all Sharp smart TVs allow you to directly stream Disney+. Unless you own a Sharp AQUOS TV, you’ll need to use a Chromecast or a Roku device to enjoy Disney+. 

Whether you choose to opt for a Chromecast or a Roku, simply follow the steps above, and you should be able to enjoy your favorite Disney+ shows on your Sharp TV. 

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