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How To Add Spotify Widget on iOS

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If you are a music enthusiast and love creating or listening to playlists on Spotify, you will eventually need to know about adding a Spotify widget on your iOS device. Fortunately, you can now do this using your home screen and multiple apps.

Quick Answer

To add a Spotify widget on iOS, install the Spotify app, tap and hold an empty space on your home screen, select the plus (+) icon from the top-right corner, and type “Spotify” in the “Search Widgets” bar to select it. Swipe left and right to choose a suitable widget style. Finally, drag and drop to position the widget.

We have taken the time to write a step-by-step guide on adding the Spotify widget on iOS. We will also discuss some reasons for making this widget a part of your home screen.

Why Add a Spotify Widget on iOS Devices

There are multiple reasons for adding a Spotify widget on your iOS devices, and some of them are mentioned below. 

  • To quickly access the Spotify app.
  • To get timely information about the app.
  • To get noticed by others as a music enthusiast.

Methods for Adding Spotify Widget on iOS

If you are wondering how to add the Spotify widget on iOS, our 2 step-by-step methods will make this task easier.

Method #1: Using Home Screen

Following the steps below, you can add the Spotify widget to your iPhone or iPad home screen.

Step #1: Installing Spotify and Signing in

Install the Spotify app on your iOS device. Once the installation finishes, launch Spotify from the home screen. If you already have a Spotify account, sign in; otherwise, sign up for a new account and log in. 

Step #2: Selecting Spotify From Widgets

Tap and hold the empty space on your home screen and select the plus (+) icon from the top-right corner. Type “Spotify” on the “Search Widgets” bar and select it from the list. 

Image 273

Step #3: Choosing Widget Style

Select a style for your widget by swiping left and right. Once you are done, tap “Add Widget“.

Step #4: Positing the Widget

Position the widget carefully on your home screen. Drag and drop the widget to your desired location and set all other apps accordingly.

Image 274

Step #5: Using the Widget

Tap a blank spot on your home screen and tap the Spotify widget to use it. You can choose a song, playlist, or podcast from your Spotify app and view it on the widget.

Image 275

You can easily access your Spotify app by tapping the widget anytime.

Method #2: Using TuneTrack

Here is what you need to do to add a Spotify widget on your iOS device using TuneTrack.

Step #1: Installing TuneTrack

Head to the App Store on your device and download the TuneTrack app. Install the app on your device, launch it, and go to “Music Services“.

Image 91

Step #2: Linking With Spotify

Select the Spotify app on the “Music Services” page.

Image 92

You will see an “Authorize” page; read all the points carefully and tap “Agree“.

Image 93

Select a time period from the “Options” tab at the bottom (i.e., 1 Month, 6 Months, or lifetime). 

Image 94

Step #3: Adding Widget

On your home screen, tap and hold an app until a pop-up menu appears to its right.

Image 95

Choose “Edit Home Screen” and select the plus (+) icon from the upper-right corner.

Image 96

Type “TuneTrack” on the “Search Widgets” bar and select it.

Image 97

Step #4: Customizing Spotify Widget

Swipe left and right until you find the Spotify Widget. Select the size you want and tap “Add Widget“. Now, position it as you want on the home screen. Tap any space on the screen to stop apps from jiggling and use the widget afterward.

Image 98

You can also add a Spotify widget on your iOS devices via other third-party apps, such as MusicView and WidgetPod.

Removing Spotify Widget on iOS

If you don’t want the Spotify widget any longer, you can easily remove it by following these steps.

  1. Press and hold the Spotify widget from your home screen until a pop-up menu appears.
  2. Select “Remove Widget” from the menu.
  3. Tap “Remove” to get rid of the Spotify widget.
Image 99


In this guide about adding a Spotify widget on iOS, we have looked into multiple methods for getting this widget using the iOS home screen and third-party apps like TuneTrack. We’ve also discussed why making this widget a part of your home screen is beneficial.

Hopefully, one of these methods has worked for you, and you can now quickly get the widget to show up on your device’s screen. Keep listening to new songs and podcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if the Spotify widget is not working on my iPhone?

If your Spotify widget is not working, you can try several fixes. For instance, you can remove the widget by deleting the “Spotify app” and re-downloading it from the App Store. You may also log out of the iCloud Account and log back in can also fix this issue. However, if nothing else works, try to restart your iPhone.

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