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How To Block the Wi-Fi Signal in a Room

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Do you want to restrict Wi-Fi signals from reaching a specific room? Luckily, you can do this without much effort. 

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To block the Wi-Fi signals in a room, take aluminum foil sheets and plaster them on the wall from the inside out using an adhesive material. Cover all the corners and even doors and windows for complete insulation.  

To help you with this task, we have written an extensive guide on how to block Wi-Fi signals in a room with easy-to-follow instructions. 

Blocking Wi-Fi Signals in a Room 

If you are wondering how to block Wi-Fi signals in a room, our 8 step-by-step methods will quickly walk you through the process.

Method #1: Stuffing Furniture in the Room 

If you want to try the easiest way of blocking Wi-Fi signals in a room, try stuffing furniture in it in the following way.  

  1. Install heavy wood cabinets alongside walls. 
  2. Stuff more furniture options like couches, bookshelves, or beds, depending on room requirements. 

The dense wood material will absorb the Wi-Fi signals and reduce their penetration. In addition, you can place furniture inside and outside the room for better insulation. 

Method #2: Installing a Fish Tank

If you want to be creative with blocking the Wi-Fi signals, use a giant fish tank by doing these steps. 

  1. Order a giant-size fish tank
  2. Install it in the shared wall of the room where you want to block signals and the room with the router. 
  3. Fill it with water, fish, and rocks. 

You can also place these tanks on both sides of the wall to increase the water density and block more Wi-Fi signals.

Method #3: Using Tinted Film on the Window Glass

Do these steps to use a store-bought tinted film on window glass to block Wi-Fi signals coming through windows. 

  1. Clean the window glass. 
  2. Measure the window to cut the film into the perfect size.
  3. Spray dishwashing soap and water mixture in the middle of the window glass.
  4. Peel off the release liner to expose the adhesive from an edge horizontally. 
  5. Stick the adhesive side of the film on the glass and remove the liner while pasting the sticky film. 
  6. Press the film gently using a smooth squeegee, remove soap, water, and any air bubbles forming, and stick it properly. 

Method #4: Applying Metallic Paint  

Another way to block Wi-Fi signals smartly in a room is by using metallic paint following these steps. 

  1. Buy paint containing metal particles.
  2. Scrub the walls.
  3. Apply the paint using a roller. 
  4. Let it dry before applying another coat

Once it’s dry, the metal particles in the paint will act as a conductor, absorb electromagnetic waves of Wi-Fi signals, and block them from entering the room.  

Method #5: Using Aluminum Foil 

To block Wi-Fi signals in a room, use aluminum foil in the following way. 

  1. Take aluminum foil sheets. 
  2. Plaster these sheets outside and inside the room’s walls using adhesive. 
  3. Try not to leave any corner uncovered. 
  4. Wrap the door and windows using foil for maximum effect. 

Once it’s covered, the foil will not let the signals pass through by absorbing them. 

Method #6: Using Mylar Blankets 

Following these steps, you can also use Mylar blankets to block the Wi-Fi signals. 

  1. Measure the wall dimensions of the room. 
  2. Take blankets of the same size.
  3. Stick Mylar blankets using tape or hammering nails to the wall. 
  4. Leave no space between the blanket and the wall. 

Cover all the sides, including the door, windows, or any other gaps, so there will be no break-in of Wi-Fi signals in the room. 

Method #7: Building Concrete Walls

To block Wi-Fi signals specifically in a room, build walls using concrete blocks with these quick steps. 

  1. Buy concrete blocks that are enough to build your room walls. 
  2. Place them on top of each other while sealing them with a concrete mixture
  3. Cover all walls with concrete blocks. 
  4. Give it an excellent concrete or cement finish
  5. Top coat these walls with nice paint and cover the door with aluminum foil to ensure no Wi-Fi signal leakage to the room. 

Method #8: Installing Glazed Ceramic Tiles 

Another way of blocking Wi-Fi signals in a room is by using Ceramic tiles with these steps. 

  1. Get glazed ceramic tiles enough to cover room walls. 
  2. Temper all walls if these are plastered with cement. 
  3. Spread the sheet on the wall and place tiles on it.  
  4. Tap the tiles gently for a perfect fix.

After completing the tile installation in the room, leave them to dry. Next, install tiles on the floor for complete signal blockage, and do not forget the door and window insulation with aluminum foil


In this guide, we’ve discussed how to block Wi-Fi signals in a room using aluminum foil, Mylar blankets, glazed ceramic tiles, furniture, and other equipment. 

Hopefully, your question has been answered in this article, and you can now restrict Wi-Fi signals from spreading freely in a vicinity. 

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