How To Bold Text on iPhone


Sometimes, you may consider making the text and fonts on your iPhone bold to make it easier to read. On iOS, it falls under the Bold Text” option, which improves text legibility. Besides, several individuals may like the bolder text throughout the apps, which makes them consider enabling it on their devices.

Enabling the “Bold Text” option on your iPhone can make a huge difference for you, supporting your ability to read text on your screen. So, If you find the screen text difficult to read or like how the bolder text looks, how can you bold text on iPhone?

Quick Answer

Enabling the “Bold Text” option on your iPhone is easy. To get this done, go to Settings, click on “Display & Brightness”, scroll down to “Bold Text” to turn the toggle on, and hit “Continue” to accept that you will restart the device. After a complete rebooting process, the bold fonts will be enabled.

Bold text gives most of the onscreen text on iPhone a thicker stroke than the ordinary typeface form. This option applies everywhere, making the text and fonts more legible for users,  especially those who prefer something other than the default font size and weight.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can use the “Bold Text” option on your iPhone:

Steps To Enable Bold Text on iPhone

Many tech users usually complain about the readability of screen text when they are on their devices, such as iPad, iPhones, Android devices, or Windows PC. Nonetheless, the solution to this challenge can be features like “Bold Text” in iOS. The “Bold Text” option may be enabled to help those with a  visual imperfection, with or without glasses. 

The potential legibility benefit is not only why some prefer to use the option; in fact, there are users that like the text appearance of the bold font look more than the default font width in iOS. There are no negative implications attached if you try it out—if you don’t like it, all you need to do is return the settings to where it was.

Quick Note

For the older iOS versions, the “Bold Text” option was positioned under the “Accessibility” option. But now, it can be found under the general “Display & Brightness” preference panel. So, if you are using earlier iOS versions, you may want to check for the option in “Accessibility”, whereas as a user of the modern iOS, the option is different.

Do you want to bold text on your iPhone? Below are the steps you should follow.

  1. Open the Settings app. It is a gear icon inside the app folder labeled “Utilities”.
  2. Click on “Display & Brightness”.
  3. Scroll down to “Bold Text” and turn the toggle button on.
  4. Hit “Continue”. After a complete rebooting process, the bold fonts will be enabled and noticeable on your iPhone’s Home screen and the Lock screen.
Keep in Mind

The “Bold Text” option does not affect the text on websites. Nonetheless, if you’re using Safari, you can change the text size through Safari Reader Mode on your iPhone.

Steps To Bold Text in iPhone Text Messages Through Subject Lines

It will appear in its standard font if you send a text message on your iPhone using the device’s default Messages app. But don’t you think it would be awesome if you could send your messages with underlined, italicized, or bold text? This can be made possible via subject lines. Every text can be given a bolded subject line by editing the iPhone’s message Settings. A bolded subject line is a unique way to make sent text messages stand out, which is great for professional purposes.

Below are steps to activate the subject lines feature.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to hit “Messages”.
  2. Turn on “Show Subject Field” under “SMS/MMS”.
  3. Launch the Messages app from the App Library or the Home screen and open the chart head through which you can send and receive iMessage.
  4. A subject field will appear in the message box. Any text you type there will appear in bold.

The subject line is not for the entire text message. If you type the entire message, the bold text will be changed to regular text.


Now you know how to bold text on your iPhone. With bold text, you can influence the readability of the screen text. Besides, following the steps won’t make you miss out on the great part of your message.

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