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Global Positioning System (GPS) provides its users with navigation, positioning, and timing services. Google Maps uses your smartphone’s built-in GPS to know where you are and to help you figure out where you want to go. Calibrating Google Maps to get the best location would be best. So how do you calibrate your GPS on Android?

Quick Answer

On Android, click on Settings > “Location”. Improve location accuracy by turning on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, then ensure you have the location service turned on in your phone Settings.  

Google Maps uses your smartphone’s Wi-Fi, compass, and location services to track your location. This article explains how to calibrate your Android or iPhone to get the best location and also helps you increase the accuracy of Google Maps on your mobile device, get you where you need to be, and determine your location. 

Steps To Calibrate GPS on Android

To improve Google Maps accuracy, you can change the calibration of your Google Maps on your Android or your Pixel phone.

Step #1: Open Settings and Click on the Location

On your Android device, open the Settings app from the app drawer. If your Android does not have an app drawer, you can quickly find the Settings app by scrolling down from your homepage, and then in the search dialogue, type “Settings” and click on the app from the result. 

Step #2: Navigate to the “Location” Option

When you open the Settings app, what you want to do next is to search for the “Location” option. So, scroll down in the Settings menu, search for the location option, and tap on it to open it. 

Step #3: Toggle on Your Location

After opening your location option, you will see a slider where you can slide on the location or slide off the location. Make sure you slide the location on and click the “Improve Accuracy” option. Don’t forget that moving the sliders to blue is for Bluetooth scanning and moving to the same color blue for Wi-Fi is for Wi-Fi scanning. 

Quick Tip

To change or calibrate GPS on Pixel, go to Settings and click on the “Location Services” option. Go to “Google Location Accuracy”, click on it, and then click on “Improve Location Accuracy”.

Tips on Improving Location Accuracy

Calibrating your smartphone’s compass is not the only way to improve location accuracy. Here are some other methods.

Tip #1: Activate Your Wi-Fi [Android and iPhone]

With Wi-Fi, smartphones triangulate your exact location. This method works because there is a database of Wi-Fi networks in the area. So, when your Wi-Fi is on, it pings to WI-Fi routers in the area, which helps to triangulate your location.

Tip #2: Allow Precise Location [iPhone]

To turn on your iPhone’s exact location for Google Maps, click on Settings > “Privacy”. Then, click on “Location Services” before clicking on “Google Maps”. Finally, turn on the “Precise Location”

Tip #3: Turn On or Off Location Services [Android or iPhone]

One excellent and easy way to recalibrate your phone’s location is to reset your location services by turning them off and switching them on. This process should be able to clear out any old unwanted data and replace it with a new and accurate reading. Learn how to turn off and switch on “Location Services” because it helps recalibrate your phone’s location.

Tip #4: Restart Your Phone [Android or iPhone]

A simple way to solve many problems, including inaccurate location data, is to restart your phone. A restart clears out all your old and temporary information and provides you with new data. Always restart your Android or iPhone when you want to recalibrate your location.

Tip #5: Update Your Phone or OS [Android or iPhone]

Since the latest version of your phone’s operating system comes with new features and a lot of fixing of bugs, installing the latest update or OS can also help improve the accuracy of your location (that’s if the update or OS has those features).


You can recalibrate the global positioning system easily on your Android or iPhone.

All you have to do for the iPhone is select “Privacy” under Settings. Then, select “Location Services” > “System Services”. Turn “Compass Calibration” to green or on.

Meanwhile, for Android, select “Location” under Settings. Click on “Improve Accuracy” and put on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi scanning.

On Pixel, go to “Location Settings” under Settings, click on “Google Location Accuracy”, and select “Improve Location Accuracy”.

Don’t forget that there are other means of recalibrating your Android or iPhone besides these steps. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I tell the north direction on Google Maps?

Click on the compass icon on your screen. After a few seconds of inactivity, the compass will disappear. Google Maps will reorient the map and show the location.

How do I allow the compass on Google Maps to show?

If you can’t see the compass on Google Maps, move the map around to make the compass appear on your screen. After doing this, if you do not see it, you may need to update your Google Maps. 

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