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How To Cancel a Cash App Account

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Want to send it to your family or friends or invest it somewhere? Cash App is there for you. A P2P payment app— Cash App, was launched in 2013 (formerly named Square Cash) and allowed you to make transactions to send or receive money. The platform must not be confused with a band – as it’s just a financial platform, and the amount of balance in your account is backed and secured by FDIC. You may sometimes want to cancel the Cash App account or permanently delete it for some reason. Here’s how you can do it.

Quick Answer

You can cancel a Cash App account or permanently delete it after withdrawing all the funds from the app. The Cash App is not linked to any bank, but still, you may need to delete the account from the app before you uninstall it. Tap on Banking and Cash Out to withdraw all the funds. Once empty, go to Account Settings to close your Cash App. This way, you’ll be able to delete your account from the Cash App permanently. 

If you don’t mean to delete the account permanently but cancel any pending transaction from the Cash App— you can do it too. Whether you have an Android, iPad, or iPhone device, you can quickly cancel any pending transaction, transfer your funds to the bank and delete the Cash App account permanently— it’s that simple. Still confused? Keep on reading!

Here in this guide, we’ve listed all the steps you need to follow to cancel a Cash App account without any hassle. Let’s find out an easy method to do it.

How to Cancel or Permanently Delete the Cash App Account

Cash App is a platform to transfer or receive money from your friends and family—but sometimes your friends or family might prefer any other platform. Or you might like any other platform and find it convenient to use rather than Cash App. In that case, you’ll need to withdraw all the funds and cancel the Cash App account. Here’s a step-by-step guide to do it.


Before you cancel or permanently delete the Cash App account, make sure to withdraw all the funds from the account. Moreover, it is suggested not to uninstall the application unless you’re confirmed that your Cash App account is permanently closed to avoid any inconvenience.

Step #1: Open the App

The first step is to withdraw all the funds from the Cash App account before you permanently cancel or close it. Open the Cash App on your iOS or Android device. 

Step #2: Withdraw All the Funds

To withdraw all the funds, go to the Banking section on the Cash App. Tap on the Banking icon in the bottom left corner and press the Cash Out button


If you have any bitcoin in your account, you’ll need to sell them before canceling or closing the account. 

Image 21

Step #3: Go to the Account Section 

Once all the funds are withdrawn, go to the “Accounts” section on Cash App. Tap the “Account” icon on the upper-right corner of the screen. 


The icon looks like a person in a circle. 

Image 22

Step #4: Tap Support

From the Account section, tap on “Support”. The support option is at the bottom of the Account menu under the personal tab. 

Image 19

Step #5: Tap Something Else 

Once you tap the Support button, a page opens with multiple options. Tap on “Something Else” from the menu. 

Image 18

Step #6: Open Account Settings

Once you tap on “Something Else”, a few options appear to help you in different circumstances. To cancel or permanently delete the account, you must choose “Account Settings”

Image 25

Step #7: Close Cash App Account 

Once you’re in the “Account Settings” menu, tap on “Close My Cash App Account” to submit a request to delete the account permanently. 

Image 26

Step #8: Tap Confirm 

You’ll be asked again if you want to permanently close the Cash App account on the next page. Tap on “Confirm”, and you’ll receive an email confirming that the account is closed

Image 27

Ensure that you’ve received an email regarding the permanent deletion of your Cash App account before you uninstall the application from your device. 

Step #9: Account Deleted 

You’ll receive a text message stating that the phone number is unlinked from the Cash App account. This is the confirmation text/SMS regarding the permanent deletion of the Cash App. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cancel pending transactions on Cash App?

If you don’t wish to permanently delete the Cash App account, cancel any pending transaction and land on this article. Worry not; we have a guide for you as well. Here’s how you can cancel any pending transaction from Cash App in three simple steps. 

1) Open the app on your iOS or Android device. 
2) Go to Transactions from the menu bar and tap on any pending transaction. 
3) A pop-up will appear asking you to Cancel the Transaction. Tap to confirm. 

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