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How To Cancel Connect Requests in the LinkedIn App

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When you send a connection request on LinkedIn, the person is allowed to accept or reject it. But when you send a ton to different people and get too many pending connection requests, it can send a red flag to the LinkedIn algorithm. This situation is bad for your content visibility, affecting your account’s ability to connect more widely to people and organizations. So, how do you cancel a connection request in the LinkedIn app? 

Quick Answer

To cancel a connection request in the LinkedIn app, navigate to the “My Network” tab, tap on “Manage my network”, click on the “Receive” tab, select a connection request, and click on “Withdraw”. You can do the same thing for the connection request sent to you. Also, if you have too many connection requests you’d like to cancel, you can use a third-party app like TexAu to remove them. 

Whether you send a connection request by mistake or have sent too many, you can easily cancel it in the LinkedIn app. It is worth noting that LinkedIn will not notify the user when you take this action. Keep reading to learn more about canceling connection requests on LinkedIn. 

Steps To Cancel Connect Requests in the LinkedIn App 

Growing your LinkedIn connection requires that you send lots of requests to people. However, you don’t have to personally know everyone on your network to connect on the platform. You can send connection requests to companies, people in high positions, etc., on the platform. The more connect count you have on your account, the more credibility you gain and the more people you can get access to

Sadly, not everyone you send a connection request to would respond. LinkedIn has a limited number of pending connection requests you can have on your account. While the exact number is undisclosed, some sources claim it is a percentage of your current connections, while some say it is a fixed number of 3000. But the idea is that if your pending connections grow to that mysterious number, you will no longer be able to send more connections. Before this happens, it is advisable to cancel pending connection requests.

Step #1: Log In to Your Account

First, you must have the LinkedIn app on your smartphone. With the app on your smartphone, log into your account with your email and password.  

If you do not have the app installed on your smartphone, download it from the App Store for iOS users and the Play Store for Android users. 

Step #2: Navigate to the “My Network” Tab

When you log in to your LinkedIn profile, the first page you will find yourself on is the home page. The home page is the default landing page for LinkedIn. The home page lets you see what is going on in your network and posts from people in your feed. At the bottom of your page, tap on the “My Network” tab, which is located beside the “Home” tab. 

Step #3: Tap on “Manage My Network”

In the “My Network” tab, you can see your connections, groups, company, and even suggested people you can connect with, amongst other things. But click on the “Manage my network” option to view your sent and received connection request. 

Step #4: Withdraw or Cancel Connect Request

If you want to cancel a sent connection request, tap on the “Sent” tab, locate the person you wish to cancel the request for, and tap on the “Withdraw” option to the right of that invitation. You can withdraw as many requests as you’d like using this method. 

If you want to cancel a received connection request, when you tap on the “Manage my network” tab, select the “Received” tab, locate the person that sent you a request you want to cancel, and tap on “Remove” to the right of that invitation. However, it is worth noting that once you cancel an invitation, you can’t connect with that recipient for three weeks

LinkedIn Tip

According to LinkedIn’s terms of usage, you cannot have more than 30,000 connections. So, to connect to more people, you must remove less important connections from your network to make room for new ones.


If you received a lot of connection requests on LinkedIn, canceling the request can be very tasking. Thankfully, there is an easy way to cancel the request. With third-party platforms like TexAu, you can automate removing the requests. All you have to do is create a TexAu account, connect your LinkedIn profile to it and activate the auto-withdraw connection request. 

Depending on the number of pending connection requests, the process takes only a few minutes to complete. The TexAu automation runs from the cloud and has a free trial period of 15 days, enough to remove all connection requests on your LinkedIn account. 

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