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How To Cast Audible to Google Home

Audible To Google Home

Audible provides easy access to the most popular podcasts and the latest audiobooks, giving you hands-free access to your favorite audio while you’re busy running errands, putting the kids to bed, or working out. And while Audible allows you to listen to your favorite authors or podcasts on your phone or laptop, you can also connect it to Google’s home assistant and smart speaker, Google Home.  

Quick Answer

There are two ways to cast Audible to Google Home using your phone. You can connect it via Bluetooth or use the Google Home app. If you’re using a desktop, you can cast Audible audios and books to your Google Home speaker using Chrome and Bluetooth.

Let’s take a closer look into how you can cast Audible to Google Home. 

How To Cast Audible to Google Home

While Google Home devices don’t have native support for Audible, you can still listen to the books and podcasts present on Audible on Google Home if you have Audible on your computer, tablet, or phone. Here are three different ways of casting Audible to Google Home. 

Method #1: Using Bluetooth

You can use your Google Home speaker as a wireless Bluetooth speaker. This means you can connect any device with the Audible app with the speaker and listen to the books you have on Audible. For this method, you’ll need to pair your Nest or Google Home speaker with a PC, tablet, or phone with the Audible app.

You should use this method if the phone or computer you will use to play your Audible books doesn’t have Google Home in it or your Google Home speaker isn’t set up yet. 

Here’s how you can use Bluetooth to cast Audible media to Google Home.

  1. Go near your speaker and say, “Hey Google, pair Bluetooth”. The speaker will respond and tell you to open your Bluetooth settings and look for your speaker. It will also tell you the speaker’s name. 
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on the Audible app device and let it search for Bluetooth devices.
  3. You’ll now see a list of Bluetooth devices. Choose your Google Home speaker, whose name the speaker gave you in step 2.
  4. Wait until the speaker pairs with your device that has the Audible app.   
  5. Once the pairing is complete, open the Audible app and play any podcast or book. 
  6. If the audio doesn’t play through Google Home, you’ll have to set your device’s output to Google Home speaker.

Method #2: Using the Google Home App Over Wi-Fi

If you have the Google Home app on your phone (the one you use to set up the speaker), you can use that to cast Audible to Google Home instead of using Bluetooth. 

For this method, your phone and your Google Home speaker must be on the same network, and your Google Home app must have access to the Google speaker you want to use. If you got someone else to set up the speaker with their device and their account, this method wouldn’t work. 

Here’s what you have to do for this method.

  1. Ensure that your phone and the Google Home speaker are connected to the same internet network.
  2. Open Google Home on your smartphone.
  3. Tap the Google Home speaker you want to cast Audible to. 
  4. Tap “Cast My Audio” > “Cast Audio” > “Start Now”
  5. Play any audiobook in your Audible app; it will now play on your speaker.
  6. If it doesn’t work, open your notification bar and check if it says it’s casting to your speaker. If you don’t see anything like that, repeat these steps.

Method #3: Using Your Computer 

If your desktop computer and Google Home speaker are connected to the same Wi-Fi, you can cast Audible from your PC to your Google Home speaker using Chrome. This method is slightly unintuitive because Audible’s web player pops up out of the Audible website, so you might not see the casting option immediately.

Here’s how you can cast Audible to Google Home with your desktop.

  1. Ensure that your computer and Google Home are connected to the same network
  2. Open Chrome on your desktop and go to
  3. Select any book you want to hear and click “Play”
  4. Choose “Cast” from the menu you see in the pop-up web player. Remember, you shouldn’t do this from the main Chrome menu since it won’t work. 
  5. Select the Google Home speaker. The book will now start to play on your speaker.


Casting Audible to Google Home is easy, and you now know how to do it using your phone and computer. Just make sure you follow the steps above, and you’ll be able to hear your favorite audiobook on your speaker without any problems!

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